Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft Remove Hate Speech in Europe

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google’s YouTube, Microsoft as well as the European Commission unveiled a new code of conduct
  • This code of conduct was bought to discussion after terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels
  • These companies now have teams reviewing flagged items

Instagram Updates for Businesses Coming Soon

  • You will be able to view the location of instagram users, much like on Facebook
  • Within a few months Instagram will be adding a “Contact Us” button for some pages
  • Categories added to profile pages allow for a faster communication of what your account is all about
  • Instagram is also testing in-app analytics for business profiles

Twitter Allows 24 More Characters

  • Media attachements and @replies don't count for the total
  • You can now retweet your own tweet
  • Tweets that begin with an @ will be sent to all of your followers, not just the designated user (no more need to add a period before!)

62% of US Adults get their News from Social Media

  • 20 percent increase from 2013
  • Two-thirds of Facebook’s user base read their news on the platform
  • 59 percent of Twitter users getting news on Twitter
  • 70 percent of Reddit users doing the same with their respective platform