Influencer Outreach Template + Checklist

Influencer Outreach Template and Checklist for Instagram Influencers

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Both brands and influencers know they need to collaborate with other big influencers on Instagram to grow followers and customers. But if the top influencers you want to work with aren’t part of an influencer marketplace, like Tomoson, getting their attention isn't easy.

So I created the 3-1-1 Influencer Outreach Template + Checklist to make it easy for you.

Watch How to Do It Or Read The Steps Below:

Step1. List The Top Five Instagram Influencers You Want to Contact

Be efficient with your time by batching your influencer outreach. Write at least five influencers' names you want to work into Column A of the spreadsheet. For example:

Influencer Outreach Spreadsheet Column A Enter Usernames

If you don't know who the top Instagram influencers are in your niche, it's time to start an Instagram Marketing Swipe file.

Step 2. Personalize The Influencer Outreach Template

Influencer Outreach Template Mail Merge Fields

Enter the influencer’s name, your first name and your niche into the Template Merge Fields.

Step 3. Copy The Personalized Message from Message One Template

Copy the text in “Tuesday Message One Template” from your mobile device. You'll be pasting this later in Step 4.

Influencer Outreach Message Example

Step 4. Like, Comment and Message Each Instagram Influencer

Go to the influencer’s feed in your mobile app and…

  • 3L– Like three of their Instagram photos
  • 1C– Leave one genuine comment on one of their Instagram posts.
  • 1M– Message the Influencer by pasting the template text to direct message them inside Instagram.

Influencer Outreach Reply

Bonus: By reaching out you'll also get on their advertisers' list. When the influencer is having a slow month they'll typically message you big discounts on posts, like 50% off etc…

Step 5. Follow-Up Twice With Each Influencer

Don't just message the influencer once and give up. If you really want to work with them, show them how much you want it by following up. All you have to do is repeat Step 3 and Step4 (mentioned above) on the following Thursday and Monday using Message Template Two and Message Template Three.

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