Howdy, sellers, Michael Pedrotti here and thanks for dropping by to check out my Amazing Selling Machine Review! Nice job on getting this far. 

There are so many ways to make money online, it’s hard to get where you are right now. So congrats on narrowing down your choices to focus on Amazon FBA.

You may have even started learning how to sell stuff on Amazon, but now you're finally ready to go all in.

Selling on Amazon is a smart move. Just the other day I was looking at the most visited websites in the United States. SimilarWeb ranked the most visited sites in this order:

  1. Google 
  2. Youtube
  3. Facebook
  4. Amazon

The ranking isn’t the important thing. What stands out to me is the buyer's primary intention when they are visiting those websites.

An Amazon visitor's primary motivation is to buy something whereas Google, YouTube and Facebook are a melting pot of buyer motivations (entertainment, socializing, researching).

Shopping happens on the other sites, it just not the primary intention of users.

Amazon is a search engine, much like Google, however Amazon users have the primary intention of buying something.

Key Takeaway

But you already know all of this. You’re committed to selling on Amazon, you just want to know how the heck to get going. Fast. There are only three things that have only ever worked to accelerate my learning:

  1. Coaching
  2. Courses
  3. Community

And these three things are at the core of this Amazing Selling Machine review. In the field of eCommerce, it isn’t enough just to sign up and immediately sell your products.

Just like any new venture you need to learn the basics and study the ins and outs for you to be successful.

Here is my post I will talk about a course that specializes in what to know about Fulfillment by Amazon, you will find out about training and other helpful things that you will need to make it worth your investment.

You will know all about it in my Amazing Selling Machine Review. So let’s dive in and see if Amazing Selling Machine is right for you.

What Is Amazing Selling Machine?

ASM is a course created by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark to solely provide training for people who are part; or want to be part of Fulfillment by Amazon. This course is taught by two instructors, Mike McClary and Rich Henderson.

There are a lot of versions of Amazing Selling Machine and their latest was launched in October 2019 and they called it ASM X.

A lot of people are interested in this course because they want to know more about what will make their FBA business a success. 

ASM continuously refreshes their content to adhere to currents trends, which is essential because things change so quickly in eCommerce. 

Why Use Amazing Selling Machine?

If you are new with Fulfillment by Amazon, or if you're progressing to slowly because you tried to do it yourself, then Amazing Selling Machine is essential to selling successfully on Amazon. 

This course is a comprehensive training that provides the perfect business model.

You will learn a lot from ASM's modules that will help you scientifically pick wining products, find the right suppliers for your product, launch and optimize your products to drive traffic and sales, scale your Amazon business, and a lot more. 

Next up in my Amazing Selling Machine Review, we will go over what is new in the course (they are updating it all the time)

What’s New In Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine Dashboard

This is the newest version that was launched in October 2019. Since eCommerce is an evolving field, the company makes sure that they are up to date and they are improving to keep up with Amazon’s improving innovations. 

It now comes with over 120 training lessons that will guide you through beginning and building your Amazon business. It includes:

  • 8 new modules that will guide you step-by-step to create an FBA business.
  • 8 new sets of weekly coaching skills that are hosted by Mike McClary and Rich Henderson.
  • Updated Resource Vault which has the latest resources that are essential for creating a successful Amazon FBA business.
  • Access to Automation Tool Suite a brand new item that will give you access to a lot of tools like 12 months free access to ManageByStats, 6 months' access to the Brand Launchpad and Continual Sales system, new ASM business dashboard and 90 days free access to Helium10 keyword tools. 

In-depth Look At Amazing Selling Machine X

It wouldn't be an Amazing Selling Machine Review if we didn't go in depth into each module. Here you will find out what you will learn in their weekly modules.

Before starting with the first module, you get to learn about the program through a welcoming module where you can know the different things that you can access, the mentor ship program, the overview and need to know about of Fulfillment by Amazon.

Amazing Selling Machine Welcome Module

Module 0 (Welcome Module)

Module 0 can feel quite long. Just push through as this sets the foundation for everything else to come. The main takeaway from The Welcome Module is getting your Amazon seller account setup correctly. It's not as easy as it used to be.

Module 1 (Building Your Product Opportunity List)

In this module, it consists of 18 lessons that talked about the foundation of FBA. You will be able to know what makes a hot product, what products to avoid, how to analyze competition and the criteria that are needed in deciding what products to sell.

It comes with videos, links for resources and PDFs that will help you along the way. 

Module 2 (Suppliers and Profit)

This module contains 11 lessons that will help you learn to select your suppliers, how to impress them and calculate costs. They introduced product tuning that makes you improve a product to help you compete with other sellers. 

There are also videos available where questions made by other students are answered that will help you to understand the concepts. 

Module 3 (Inventory and Brand Creation)

The module has 16 lessons that will help you with the criteria for selecting the right supplier and how to build your brand.

Amazing Selling Machine will give you concepts on how to build your brand within Amazon that will give you credibility and will boost your sales. 

Part of this module is to teach you how to build an email list to accumulate repeat orders as part of building your brand. By the end of this module, you’ll be able to know the essentials like selecting a product, supplier and shipping method.

Module 4 ( Building Brand Assets)

This has 14 lessons that will tackle your brand assets. This will also help you how to set up an autoresponder for your email list.

Module 5 (Perfect Product Page)

It consists of 14 lessons that will help you with copywriting as well as keyword research. This will be able to get people to find your product on the Amazon platform.

Module 6 (Product Launch)

This module has 12 lessons that are one of the most important parts of the overall training course because it helps you build your business organically without any risk with Amazon’s policies.

You will learn everything about product launching and a way to make it grow viral and high ranks in the search engine of Amazon. They introduce "Launch, Blitz and Rank", that helps your product achieve great results.

Module 7 (Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools)

This module has 12 lessons that talk about how you can create traffic to your product by using paid traffic. There are also different promotions that you can run from Amazon and it will show you how each of one can benefit your products.

Module 8 (Taking it to the Next Level)

The last module has 11 lessons that focus on scaling and growing your business. This will help you decide about the future of your business and the launching of new products.

This module will give you realistic scenarios and will help you decide which road to take.

Bonus Training (Supplementary Lessons)

The bonus module has 14 lessons and it comes with a lot of interviews from successful members. You’ll get tips as well and you may also relate to their journey and wants to take their same journey. You will be inspired by their stories and will motivate you to do well in the business.

Amazing Selling Machine Pricing

Like many other training courses, the Amazing Selling Machine came with a price. 

Amazing Selling Machine costs $4997, a one time fee. They also offer a payment plan for 6 payments that costs $997 each and a full 30-day guarantee.

One of the features of ASMX is the 6-month Buy-Back Promise, meaning you can implement the training of the course for 6 months.

But then if you don’t want to continue, ASM will buy your business for the cost of the course and an additional $5,000 and up worth of inventory.

Let's take a look at what I like in this Amazing Selling Machine Review.

What I Like About Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine Live Coaching

This course is very well thought of as this has one of the most detailed designs and presentations. It is catered to attend to the needs of Fulfillment by Amazon’s business plan.

The modules are very organized that discuss everything, I can’t think of anything that they missed in the course. The concepts are well explained and it made sure that every module is summarized at the end so you can remember the things that were discussed. 

The coaches Mike McClary and Rick Henderson are very informative as coaches and easy to approach. You can ask them anything about the course.

One thing I like the most about it is the good support and networking that it offers.

You’ll be surrounded by people that have the same goal as you and that is a major thing when it comes to success!

What I Don’t Like About Amazing Selling Machine

It wouldn't be an Amazing Selling Machine Review if I didn't tell you the things I didn't like about it.

This course is very costly, and if you are on a budget and can’t invest yet with this kind of program it will be hard.

This is a good investment by then not anyone can afford it.

Success is not guaranteed when you get this course but it will give you a lot of knowledge that will be your edge to have a successful business. 

Will Amazing Selling Machine Work For You?

It depends.

Since this course is very long, you need not only need to invest your money. You need to have a lot of time as well as it is a very detailed course program.

If you are very serious about your business and willing to learn everything especially with Fulfillment with Amazon you need to be diligent.

This course is also a step by step process and to get to the next level you need to complete the modules first. 

Since you are investing a lot of money, you need to get the most out of it and learn everything you need to know for your business.

Aside from the cost of the course, you also need to be ready for other purchases for the upcoming months that you’re in the program. As you need to purchase samples and buy inventories. 

While in the course, you need to maximize the networking that the program offers, as this will be helpful to you.

Don't just keep to yourself!

The community is great and you can make awesome connections through it. This is why it is a popular course.

This course will not define if you are going to be successful with your Fulfillment by Amazon business, but this will help you.

There are other alternatives out there that you can look into if you don’t have a budget for this program as it isn’t cheap.

What Are The Amazing Selling Machine Alternatives?

If you are worried that you can afford this course, then there are some alternative for the Amazing Selling Machine.

 If you think that you don’t have the money yet to invest in this course but craving to learn more about Fulfillment by Amazon as you pick it as your business.

There are people out there you give podcasts that give you tips about running an FBA business that you can subscribe to. If you research it, there are a lot of resources in leaning FBA that you can use for now.

You may search about The Amazing Seller podcast by Scoot Voelker.

Here he talks about FBA and a lot of things related to it. They also have a facebook group of the same name that you may join and interact with other people that knows the business. 

I’m sure there others that offer their inputs about FBA that you can learn from without burning your pocket.

Is ASM A Scam?


If you read the rest of our Amazing Selling Machine Review, you would already know this 😉

Testimonials of Amazing Selling Success Stories

The Amazing Selling Machine has over 27,000 members from all over the world. It is pretty much successful as it attracts a lot of people especially if their business is concentrated on Amazon. 

People tend to trust things when they see that they are a lot of feedback, especially good ones. It is just like selling products, you will be able to sell more if it's really good. You can’t even ask for a review from your customers they give it of their own free will because the product is really good. Having said that, you can tell by the number of members of the Amazing Selling machine that this product is highly effective and can help your business. 

It is not 100% guaranteed that in availing the Amazing Selling Machine that you are going to be successful in your business. This is a supplement just to guide you step by step for you to be truly successful.

You will find out with people’s testimonials how they make it through where they are now and how the Amazing Selling Machine made them succeed in their chosen business.

Here are some amazing testimonials that may inspire you to get this product, you need to learn from the best. However, you also need to learn from people who tried their hardest with the use of the Amazing Selling Machine.

Krystle Hummer

"I have been so impressed by everything. I loved the live event in Vegas. I love the Facebook interaction. I love how many doors have opened because we said yes to ASM and I know it's just the beginning!"*

You can tell that with Amazing Selling Machine, it helps you get access to different events and networks that you can make just by being a member. It doesn’t just stop on having a manual and learning it by eagerly, it also comes with a heart as it gives you time to make life long connections.

Another member named Marykay Carr said:

"Because it works. It's a great business model and Matt and Jason, Mike and Rich are great teachers and the group is just loads of fun and if you take action you can build a million-dollar business in a relatively short period."

You will get to have mentors who know the business model well. You will get all the tips and insights that will build your brand and makes your business a success. 

Just being studious or resourceful alone won’t make you successful. It would be better if you combine all the incredible characters that a business person might need. With all of that, surely you’re testimonial will also inspire a lot of people who have the same goal as you.

To see more testimonials and success stories made by members of the Amazing Selling Machine, you should see for yourself and visit their main page.

Are There Other Alternatives To The Amazing Selling Machine?

If you are worried that you can afford this course. The answer is yes, there are some alternative for the Amazing Selling Machine.

If you think that you don’t have the money yet to invest in this course but craving to learn more about Fulfillment by Amazon as you pick it as your business.

There are people out there you give podcasts that give you tips about running an FBA business that you can subscribe to. If you research it, there are a lot of resources in leaning FBA that you can use for now.

You may search about The Amazing Seller podcast by Scoot Voelker. Here he talks about FBA and a lot of things related to it. They also have a facebook group of the same name that you may join and interact with other people that knows the business. 

I’m sure there others that offer their inputs about FBA that you can learn from without burning your pocket.

Here are some other alternatives that can help you sell on Amazon without burning too much money.

The Complete Amazon Marketing System by Skip McGrath

If you are kind of old school and prefer a book type of reading then this one's for you. This module comes with a physical book that you can read while drinking coffee or tea in the evening. 

This costs about $227 and it contains a lot of information not only about Amazon’s FBA but you can also learn about setting up your business properly from scratch.

However, since it isn’t digital, it is hard to look for it online and most of it is not updated compared to others.

Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum

This is one of the most popular alternatives to the Amazing Selling Machine and it costs $399 that can be divided into 3 payments of $146. There are a lot of things inside the course that consist of written and video tutorials, beginner’s steps, inventories, labeling and a lot more.

One thing that makes it more appealing is that they have a specific module just for international FBA which a lot of people outside the US are interested in.

This is a great choice for people around the world who wants to join in selling through Amazon.

Like the Amazing Selling Machine, this course has a budding Facebook community where you can be a member and be part of the team wherein you can ask questions and get answers from people who are using the same course.

Amazon Bootcamp V3.0

The flagship of this course is that they have a amazing and great quality video training. This is also always updated, and if you are a member you’ll get to be notified if there are new updates in the course. It costs $347 and if you want the video only training it costs $197.

This is highly recommendable to newbies as they tell you the step by step process of everything and help you with your needs.

Their community is also awesome.

However, the course is more focused on people who are in the United States so it is not recommendable if you are not from there. 

AmaSuite 5

This is the newest course that you can find out there and more on software that can help you run your Amazon FBA business. It costs $194 or you can divide it for 4 payments that cost $67.

AmaSuite 5 has advanced software that can cater to your Amazon business. This course includes training videos, organized training methods, step by step training about the FBA business, software packages to help you with competition and 2 hours of Q&A.

Compared to other courses, this has a better price considering that they have more to offer. There will come a time that this will be very big and a lot of people will get this one instead because of their great content for an affordable price.

Final Verdict ASM Amazing Selling Machine Review

Register for Your Free Amazing Selling Machine Training

Well we are at the end of our Amazing Selling Machine Review. I must say that the Amazing Selling Machine is a well-oiled machine when it comes to running a successful Fulfillment by Amazon business. It is detailed, well-executed and is very comprehensive. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting or in the middle of your journey, this course will help you to have a successful business.

This won’t guarantee a 100% success as it may be a blueprint of FBA, but without your diligence in learning every bit of the modules and executing it then you won’t be able to succeed.

It requires a lot of investment like your time, money and you need to be driven, motivated and diligent in learning what you need to learn. 

If you are just starting your business and have the money and other resources, then this will be a good investment for you.

It will offer everything that you need to know. Just remember, it isn’t easy to build a business and it will take a lot of time and patience. But if you invest in a good course such as this, then it will be worth it especially if in return you’ll be able to achieve your goals.

This is a legitimate course if you are the type that tried everything and failed then I guess you might give this a try. I bet this will give you some light about why it isn’t working and make adjustments to make it better. 

Starting and maintaining a business isn’t easy, but with help with resource materials out there that will benefit your company will be a great investment.

Amazing Selling Machine offers a lot of things to help you with your Amazon business. You might think that you’ll be losing money because it is too pricey but you can always opt to get your money back.

There is nothing wrong with giving this Amazing Selling Machine a try

Have any questions about our Amazing Selling Machine Review? Then leave a comment below.

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