Being an Affiliate Marketer is one of the lucrative professions online as there are so many affiliate networks that you can be part of.  One of the most popular affiliate networks is the Amazon Affiliate. It has a lot of earning potential but it also has a lot of competitions. So, it would be better if we will find out the Amazon Affiliate Alternatives that we could join to, as to not solely focus our business with just one affiliate network.

In this article, we will get to know Amazon Affiliate Alternatives. I know that Amazon is a great affiliate network but it won’t hurt if we find out other networks that could also benefit our online business.

It isn’t bad to explore other affiliate networks, with this article, you will get an idea that there are Amazon Affiliate Articles that we should know and explore.

You’ll never know, this Amazon Affiliate Alternative could be the next big thing after Amazon Affiliate. 

Why Should Affiliates Need To Explore Alternatives To Amazon?

If you are part of Amazon Associates program, I’m sure you’ve known what happened early this year when Amazon completely restructured its rules when it comes to commissions and defined the rates by category instead of the amount sold.  

The one that got hit hard is the big affiliates that were in low-paying categories. The earning of these categories decreased dramatically and that is why your earning drops as well. With these changes, a lot of Amazon affiliates didn’t lose their courage and still thinks that the company is still worthwhile and their affiliate business. But still, it didn’t change the fact that a lot of them are stuck in categories like automotive, toys and tech and a lot more, and will suffer by just getting a low commission rate of 5% or less.

So, if you are one of them that got struck by the restructuring of Amazon, then maybe it is high time that you find and explore alternatives to Amazon Affiliate.

6 Amazon Affiliate Alternatives


Rakuten is a popular option when it comes to Amazon Affiliate Alternatives. It is a non-tech market that offers its own commission baselines. The baseline of its commission is 3.5% to 5.5%, you have the opportunity to get a higher commission if with high sales numbers.

It gives their affiliates suite tools so they can help build successful sales relationships with its clients. 

Rakuten’s Bookmarklet allows the building of deeps links and an automated link generator does all the work for you.  They also do comparison sites with data feed and ad rotation that your visitors won’t see the same ads with every click. 


If you are into the promotion of digital information and software then ClickBank is the right alternative for you. Using the program and signing up with ClickBank is easy. You can get access to e-books, thousands of online courses and the educational community.

ClickBank’s commission rates depend on what products you want to sell and vendors you choose to partner or link with. This is will be a great amazon affiliate alternative because it offers lower fees and their commission rate is fantastic as it goes up into 75% range.

eBay Partner Network

eBay is also a know online marketplace where you can buy and sells products. This will be a good Amazon affiliate alternative and it is called eBay partner network. 

You can be able to earn using this affiliate network and get passive income. Everyone is able to join it and if you are part of their team you’ll be able to find amazing eBay products and you can share it with your followers and you’ll get to earn money when they sell. 

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate also known as Commission Junction is an affiliate marketplace for products. It is known as online advertising and internet marketing. In their company, they focus on affiliate, media and a lot more.

When it comes to being an affiliate member of CJ Affiliate, you need to be really active in promoting them as they can close down inactive accounts. Even if this is the case, people still tend to join their program and promote its products.


ShareASale is a popular Amazon affiliate alternative because it is somewhat similar to Amazon. They have a large inventory of vendors currently, they have 3900 merchants. It has well-organized categories that make searching for your contact and merchant easier. In order for you to have high sales you need to have a good match between the merchant link and your content. 

What make it more amazing as an alternative is that it gives you statistics of the following: average sales, per-click earnings, and average commissions. It also gives you information that will help to focus on links where they will do more sales.


Walmart is a brand name that everyone knows, working with a brand like it is a good way to attract people. A good Amazon affiliate alternative because it has brand recognition and similarity in features. It might not be as large as Amazon but they are a fierce contender as they are working more on their promotion of online store offerings and transitioning into the movement of online shopping.  

This affiliate alternative is more focus on categories such as toys, electronics, and computers. Walmart’s commission cap is below 4%. So, if you are focusing on toys and other products being a Walmart affiliate will help you keep afloat.

Final Thoughts

In the world of Affiliate Marketing, you shouldn’t just put your eggs in one basket. You need to try and invest in good affiliate network and not just focus into one. By doing this, your income won’t be dependent in one company as you still have other options where you can still have a steady flow of income.

Yes, Amazon is a very good affiliate network as it is popular and have good terms with their affiliates but since it is a business, things needed to change. As an affiliate marketer, you need to be ready with these changes. I hope these Amazon Affiliate alternatives will give you an idea of where to invest and be able to earn more money in your online affiliate business.