Everyone in the marketing world knows that link tracking is important, but hardly anyone actually tracks their links on their social media channels or advertisments.

Today that is all about to change!

Hey guys its Michael Pedrotti here and today I'm going to be talking about the best link tracker software and why you should be using them for your marketing campaign.

Think about it

In todays social world where you have links all over the internet, it can be hard to gauge exactly where you traffic is coming from.

Not only that, where your PAYING CUSTOMERS are coming from.

This is why using a link tracker is so important for any marketing campaign.

Read on to find out some of the best link trackers you can get today along with all their features.

Why Use A Link Tracker?

When it comes to online marketing, one crucial task to have at the back of your mind is link tracking. Unfortunately, it’s the most neglected aspect.

What is link tracking? You may ask. It’s simply a way of tracking the total amount of clicks you obtain, as a marketer, to a particular site, social media post, or pay-per-click (PPC).

  • Link Tracking will help you track your clicks and improve ROI
  • Build an effective marketing campaign with just one click
  • Stop wondering if people are clicking on your ads
  • Improve the quality of links you share by tracking them

The task helps you evaluate if people are actually clicking on your campaigns. It, therefore, remains a helpful activity as it gives you the correct results and analytics for your marketing.

Often, successful marketers boast that link tracking is what separates them from others in the crowd. With proper link tracking, you are well placed to improve on your overall strategies aimed at gaining more clicks and traffic to your link.

Thankfully, when it comes to link tracking, there are different link trackers in the market that you can rely upon for effective results.

Choosing between the many software options in the market can be confusing for beginners.

Here are the top ten best link tracker tools that you can start using today.

1. Snapt

Among the link tracking software that you ought to consider is Snapt. This tool is often considered as Bit.ly alternative owing to the many features that it tags along to the users. If you are considering investing in a link tracker for your affiliate marketing, this is the way to go.

snapt url short screenshot

Snapt.io is also our WINNER for the best link tracker you can get due to its features and extremally powerful free plan.

For starters, the software comes with a quality service at a low cost, with plenty of features that I will be mentioning below.

Snapt.io Features

Now lets take a look at some of the features Snapt has to offer.

Smart re-targeting

The understanding of customer behavior is an important aspect to consider when you are working as an affiliate marketer. Unfortunately, not many marketers are in a position to understand this.

The fantastic thing about using Snapt.io is that it comes with powerful tools that help you understand your audience’s behavior so as to provide them with a better overall experience. The software offers many of these tools to help you, the user, reach your customers even better.

Rotating Links

Snapt offers you rotating links in where you can have multiple affiliate campaigns under 1 link. This is also a handy feature for split testing.

Makes it easy to customize landing pages

Promoting a product or service is an activity that asks for smartness so as to achieve effective results. One of the best ways to achieve better results is through the use of Snapt.io. The software enables users to customize landing pages aimed at promoting these products.

Allows the user to edit destinations anytime

One big problem that comes with using free link trackers is that you are often locked from editing the short URL destinations that you might be using. The only difference between Snapt and these other platforms is that they don’t lock you out.

This, therefore, means that you have got the freedom to edit where your short URLs go to anytime you feel like.

Offers call-to-action overlays

At times sharing another person’s page and overlaying their content with your floating ‘call-to-action’ button can be a pain in the neck. It’s for such reasons that you ought to consider using Snapt.io as it offers these call-to-action overlays. It’s these overlays that ensure clicks keep coming back to you.

Features retargeting pixel

When carrying with your affiliate marketing business, it’s important to gather data on every link that you share. This can be a daunting task. Luckily, by using the Snapt.io software, you have got nothing to stress you.

The software makes it easy for you to collect data on every link you share out there to segment and retarget your audience on a later date. This usually happens even when you are sharing other people’s content.

UTM Builder

One important thing to consider as an affiliate marketer is knowing which of the clicks generate conversions. It’s this conversion that leads to commissions. The amazing thing about using this free link shortener is that it helps you tag your links with UTM parameters you may need for tracking inside of Google Analytics.

With this in-depth understanding, it’s usually easy to come up with a strategy that will deliver results that you desire.


As an affiliate marketer, knowing your users' location is an important aspect to consider. It’s important as it helps you strategize your game for even better results.

Snapt has the ability to redirect users to different pages. The redirecting is done based on the user’s location. With this feature, it means that you can redirect the locals, for example, to one offer while everyone else is directed towards another offer.

Device targeting

There are times when you are needed to send your audience directly to your YouTube videos, and desktop users to your website. This kind of targeting ensures that everyone gets what he or she wants, and that’s dependent on the device they might be using to access your links.

The good thing about Snapt.io is that it can make all that happen through the device targeting feature.

Developer API

Among the many powerful tools featured in this amazing link tracker is the developer API. With this feature, it means that the user can automate his or her workflow by integrating Snapt short links into their applications.

Snapt.io Pricing

Although Snapt.io is liked for its free plan, there is much more you can experience by signing up for the paid options. The lowest-paid plan is usually the Solo Plan, which costs $14 every month. Then, there is the Freelancer package, which costs $49 a month. If any of the three options don’t suit you, you can go ahead and consider the unlimited plan, which costs $149 per month.

Every package here comes with its features. Therefore, when choosing between the different options, ensure that you pick a plan that matches your marketing needs.

2. ClickMagick

clickmagick homepage

First on the list is this amazing software, ClickMagick. Today, it remains one of the most recommended links tracking tools for every other marketer. It’s usually web-based tracking software that makes it easy as a marketer to access your data regardless of your location or the device you use to access.

The software allows you to track and optimize your site, advertising campaigns, and sales funnels. It’s well known for upgraded features that show you the conversion rate of your advertising campaigns.

Often, those in the marketing game say that the only way to be successful in ensuring that every click is worth the cash. Luckily, ClickMagick can make every click more profitable. When it comes to link tracking, traffic quality score is a must-consider.

  • Track and Optimize your site, advertising campaigns, and sales funnels
  • See conversion rates for your advertising campaign
  • Get to know the effectiveness of each ad before you purchase it
  • A user-friendly interface that simplifies the process

For ClickMagick, it has a unique feature that allows the marketer to gather a unique traffic quality score to all your tracking links. With this feature, it becomes easy to gather an insight into the kind of traffic you are getting to your links.

As if that isn’t enough, the software notifies you when it suspects low and suspicious clicks on your link. Other notable features on this software include; full-fledged link rotators, magicbars, magickpop, content lock for an email list, not forgetting the amazing support team.

It can as well be used to track links on most advertising networks, such as; YouTube, Facebook, Google Ads, Solo Ads, Bing, and Solo Ads. This, therefore, makes it one of the best link trackers for the internet and affiliate marketers.

clickmagick dashboard

With all these features, it makes it easy to track every step in your entire marketing sales funnel on either of the marketing platforms that you may be using. When it comes to online marketing, fake clicks can be damaging to the business.

The amazing thing about ClickMagick is that it helps much when it comes to filtering the real clicks from the fake ones. Therefore, when using the software, you have got nothing to worry about bot traffic being generated by the vendors. This, therefore, means that you will only end up with quality insight.

The email alert is an essential feature when it comes to picking the right tracking software to get the job done. Well, one thing that you will like about ClickMagick is that it has a winner email alert feature, which comes with its A/B split test. The amazing thing is that this feature is hard to find on any other link tracking software available in the market.

Also, the platform offers five different kinds of pop-ups, and that you may need for your marketing campaigns. One good thing to note about this pop-up feature is that it can be added on any site.

You don’t even have to own any site out there, or even ask for permission from the person owning the site to add these pop-ups. This added feature allows you to gather leads, promote offers, share video reviews, and even offer bonuses for your products.

ClickMagick Features

Other unique features you are likely to find on this software include;

  • Advanced retargeting
  • Link cloaking
  • 24/7 link monitoring
  • Custom tracking domains
  • Conversion tracking
  • Custom Tracking Domains (Unlimited)
  • Advanced Geo-targeting and Mobile Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Multi-Mode Link Rotators
  • Advanced Postback URL Tracking
  • Organic Traffic Tracking
  • Tutorial & Training Library

ClickMagick Pricing

Like any other link tracking software, ClickMagick, as well, has a price tag. For this software though, there are three pricing options that you can consider so as to start using its services.

As compared to the other options available in the market, ClickMagick is somewhat cheap. This is based on the many features on board, and the many tasks you can accomplish using the software. When it comes to the pricing, you can either choose to pick the starter plan, which goes for $27 per month. Also, there is a standard package deal, which retails at $67 per month.

If you are considering going professional, then there is a plan for you, which is only $97 per month. Often, it’s recommended that you begin with the starter package as it’s affordable and has the basics.

However, going for the high-end packages also does come with advantages. For instance, the software’s standard and PRO packages usually contain a few marketing courses that you may need to boost your marketing strategies.

Another thing to consider when looking to saving on cost is to opt for a yearly plan, as opposed to the monthly one. This is because, with the annual plan, you can save up to 25% of the total cost.

3. Voluum


Next in the list is Voluum, one of my favorite link trackers. It’s usually an advanced AI web-based click tracker, often used by marketing agencies, bloggers, and marketers to offer a performance tracking solution. One thing that you may not like about this software is its dashboard.

As a beginner, you may find it confusing. But, once you get used to it, you will find it easy to use. The software is designed for marketers to track the progress and profitability of their ad campaigns. In return, it helps one optimize their ad performance while analyzing data for actionable performance increase.

Voluum Features

The link tracker comes loaded with amazing features, some of which include;

Anti-fraud kit

Fake traffic is bad for the online marketing world. What it does is that it generates no income at all for the owner. Within no time, this kind of traffic may damage your reputation, and this can result in real costs by the end of the day.

The amazing thing about Voluum is that it has an anti-fraud feature, which means that you can now stop wasting your cash on bot traffic. This means that you can easily maintain good relationships with the offer owners.

Offers traffic distribution

In the world of advertising, one challenge that most marketers are often facing is the ability to optimize campaign funnels. Monitoring of these campaigns and adapting them to changing environments can be time-consuming, if done daily.

Voluum comes with a traffic distribution AI feature, which helps you, as a marketer adjust weights of paths, landers, and offers in the campaign funnel every now and then. This feature is used to determine traffic distribution going towards specific elements.

Custom notifications

Tracking the performance of your links is an essential activity. However, it can only be effective if you get the results on time. The good thing about Voluum is that it comes with a custom notifications feature, which means that you can receive mobile and desktop notifications whenever your performance suddenly changes.

Other notable features that you should note on this platform include;

  • Listicle tracking
  • Advanced targeting
  • A/B Split testing
  • Reporting API
  • Lander protection script
  • Access to mobile tracking
  • Custom conversion tracking

Voluum Pricing

As compared to ClickMagick, Voluum’s pricing comes in four payment packages that you can choose from based on your budget. There is the lowest, Discover plan, which goes for $69 a month, and the profit plan, which goes for $149 per month.

The third plan is usually the Grow plan, which goes for $449. Then, there is the Agency package, which goes for $999 every month. You can consider picking a plan that you can afford, and that matches your marketing needs.

4. Bit.ly


Are you scared of the high cost of software plans? Then, worry less because there are also free tracking tools in the market that you might consider to get the job done.

Bit.ly is one of the chosen few that can deliver exactly what you need. What this software does is that it helps turn those long and ugly links into short and brandable links. Short links are easy to remember, and hence suitable for your marketing game.

Another notable feature that comes with using this software is that it helps with tracking the number of clicks on the links, and that’s based on the geographic location.

Bit.ly Features

Other notable features on this software include;

Offers branded links

With Bit.ly, you can use custom domains instead of the default ‘bit.ly’ in your links. This means that you have control over your content as you can add the name of your choice on these links. With branded links, your audience is likely to take note of your presence with fewer hassles.

Offers mobile links

The fact that most people spend their time on phones means that you invest much in mobile-friendly links. Bit.ly’s mobile link feature helps you establish more meaningful mobile experience.

Makes it easy to manage campaigns and analytics

This free software comes with analytics tools that allow you to track and optimize your digital marketing efforts from their sleek dashboard. The analytic feature has over 20 real-time data points per click.

Bit.ly Pricing

As mentioned earlier, Bit.ly is among the few free link tracker that you can consider for your marketing strategies. The tracking tool is easy to use, and this means that even those with zero-tech knowledge can get the job done without any struggles.

5. ClickMeter


Another link tracking software to consider is ClickMeter. It’s usually a click tracking software that allows the user to monitor, compare, as well as, optimize marketing links in one place thereby increasing the conversion rate. The amazing thing about using ClickMeter is that it’s simple as creating a tracking link for your campaigns.

This, therefore, makes it an ideal option for affiliates, agencies, advertisers, as well as, publishers. Hundreds of users, both small and big businesses use this tracking tool for their business.

With this tool, the users have the ability to monitor client’s plus customer’s campaigns. In addition to that, they can as well track sales and conversions so as to understand which of the campaigns are succeeding. Like most link tracking software, ClickMeter can as help fight invalid clicks.

The user is also in a position to share real-time results with the customers.

This tracking software helps the marketer manage all the links and commissions in one place.

Also, with the software, you have the power to shorten your links to establish quality links that can be used even in SMS marketing. The tracking software does as well feature the A/B test for your URLs. With this feature, it becomes easy to tell which of the used links is likely to deliver effective results in your campaigns.

ClickMeter Pricing

Like most link tracking software available in the market, ClickMeter has three pricing options that you can consider. First, there is the Medium plan, which costs $19 per month.

Second, there is the Large plan which goes for $99 a month and lastly, there is the X-Large package which costs $349 a month. As it’s with most software, it will be best if you chose the high-end package to experience everything that the software has to offer.

However, if you are a beginner, and operating under a tight budget, you can consider the lowest packages to have a taste of what it feels like to operate using a link tracker. The amazing thing about this plan is that they come with a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Therefore, if the deal doesn’t suit you, you can always opt-out. Besides, you have the option to change your plan anytime you feel like.

6. Improvely


Another Link tracking software to watch out for is Improvely. Like most other tracking software, Improvely allows marketers to track, test, and optimize their online marketing. It allows you to track results, as well as, detect frauds with fewer hassles.

One amazing feature to note in this tracking software is that you can identify the source of every signup and sale. This means that you can determine whether it’s from a marketing campaign or any other channel. With these features, it means that you are well placed to optimize your marketing and hence better results.

With the built-in Click Fraud monitoring systems, you are well placed to protect your advertising budget as the user. The fact that you are able to see the real people using your site means that you get to know your most valuable customers, and this means effective results by the end of the day.

Improvely Features

Some of the features of Improvely include

Tracks commission sources

Knowing which of your campaigns, ads, keywords, and landing pages are generating commissions are generating commissions is an important aspect for every other marketer.

The good thing is that Improvely delivers all that without the need to even create a separate referral link for every keyword you bid on. With this feature, it’s much easy to focus your energy and resources on what’s working for your business, and stop wasting money on what isn’t.

Protects your ads and keyword list

The software is well known for protecting your campaigns from theft and snooping affiliate managers and hence keeping you ahead of your competitors.

Cloaks affiliate links

If you are wondering how you can hide the destination of your links from site visitors, then using this software is the way to go. The software has a link cloaking feature that you can enable. By enabling the feature, it means that you gain control of what’s shown in the address bar, and what text is shown in the title bar of the window.

Integrates with dozens of affiliate programs and networks

One thing that can be bothering when it comes to the use of link tracking software is integrating the software with most affiliate programs and networks. The good thing with using Improvely is that it supports most of the programs and networks, especially those that support tracking pixels or subid parameters.

Can detect and notify you about fraud clicks

According to statistics, about 30% of clicks are usually invalid. The good thing is that you can stop all this from coming your way by using Improvely. The software inspects the quality of every click. As if that’s not enough, it notifies you of such activities.

This includes blocking even your competitors from repeatedly clicking your ads. The software does the heavy work for you of preparing a report with all the details that you may need to report the incidents to the site or search engine you market on.

Improvely Pricing

One thing to note about Improvely’s payment options is that it comes with a 14-days trial. This means that you have the chance to test the service for the plan you select.

It usually comes in four different plans, with the lowest of all being the Freelancer plan, which costs $29 a month. Next is the Startup package, which goes for $79 a month. Then there is the small Agency plan which costs $149 a month. If you are looking for a complete experience, you can consider using the Large Agency plan, which costs $299 per month.

7. Trck.me


Another web-based link tracking tool you ought to consider for your marketing campaigns on Ad networks, social media, and money-making links is Trck.me. With this link tracking software, you are in a position to analyze where your traffic is coming from, tag the traffic source, as well as, brand your URL links among many other functions.

Trck.me Features

  • Auto-tagging which makes it easy to tag where the traffic is coming from
  • Facilitates custom branding which is necessary for shortening of ugly links to match your brand
  • Cloaks links for affiliate marketing
  • Tracks clicks from different channels
  • Facilitates the tracking of social media reach
  • Features A/B testing capability
  • Offers traffic analysis to tell where your traffic is coming from

Trck.me Pricing

This link tracking software offers two pricing options, which consist of;

  • The standard plan goes for $39 every month. This plan usually comes with unlimited data points and events and one-year data storage. Also, it facilitates sharable reports and one branded domain plus the A/B Split testing feature. Apart from that, it facilitates the tracking of conversions and revenue, which is an essential aspect for affiliate marketers.
  • In addition, there is the Enterprise plan, which goes for $99 a month. This plan usually comes with 25 branded domains and sub-accounts. Also, it features lifetime data storage, not forgetting its social media reach tracking feature.

8. LinkTrackr


Web-link tracking software to consider is LinkTrackr. This software is known for its simplicity when it comes to usage, which is a different case for the other software available in the market.

LinkTrackr Features

Next up lets take a look at some of the features LinkTrackr has to offer

Link tracking analysis

Link tracking analysis is an essential aspect of affiliate marketers. The amazing thing about using this tool for your marketing is that it makes all this work straightforward. With the software, all that is needed of you is to insert your destination URL, customize it, and then use it for tracking links on sites, ads, and other promotions.

Cloaks links

In the recent past, link cloaking has become a popular way that affiliate marketers use to protect their links. This software helps you achieve all that, and that’s by providing your links with a link Cloaker.

URL rotator software

Among the many features that you should consider when choosing a link tracker is the URL rotator software. The good thing about this link tracking software is that it has a feature, which splits incoming traffic to different URLs. This means that your traffic is rotated for an unlimited number of landing pages or sites hence sending quality traffic to your audience.

Conversion tracking

This link tracking software helps provide insight on where exactly your leads and sales are coming from. All this is achieved by placing a simple Javascript and iFrame tracking codes on your site.

Other features to consider on these link tracking include;

  • PPC tracking
  • Affiliate SubID tracking
  • Pixel tracking codes
  • A/B split testing

LinkTrackr Pricing

To begin with, LinkTracker offers you a 30-day trial period. Once you are satisfied with the service provided, you can choose to upgrade to any of the paid plans, which include;

  • Basic – $7
  • Pro – $17
  • Hyper – $27
  • Extreme – $47

9. RedTrack.io


If you are looking forward to a tool that can offer both SaaS performance ad tracking, affiliate marketing tracking, and analytics platform as one, then RedTrack may be for you.

The web-link tracking software is somewhat considered to be similar to ClickMagick, although not as powerful. With the many amazing features, RedTrack.io remains a suitable link tracker for most online businesses. It’s easy to use and hence suitable for even those with zero-tech knowledge.

RedTrack.io Features

Let's take a look at whats included when you pickup RedTrack for your URL Tracking.

A/B testing

The task of choosing a winning campaign can be confusing, especially for the first-timers. You are never sure of which of the campaigns is likely to deliver results, and which one will not. The amazing thing about RedTrack.io is that it allows you to create simple or complex A/B split tests. With this advanced feature, it’s much easier to establish a winning campaign.

Customized conversions

Custom conversions are also another factor to consider as an affiliate marketer. This amazing software provides the user with the power to see signups turn into transactions. You can achieve all this without having to put in some sweat.

Direct tracking LP Pixel

With this software, you can easily collect data from either direct or organic visits. As a result, you are well-placed to run advertising campaigns with no redirects on Google or Facebook, for example.

Other essential features you also ought to consider when choosing this software are;

  • Advanced targeting
  • SSL support
  • 30+ attribution data points
  • Real-time alerts
  • API integration

RedTrack.io Pricing

The RedTrack.io software comes in three packages. There is the basic plan, which goes for $49 a month. Then, there is the PRO plan which costs $99 a month. And lastly, if you are planning to access all the software’s features, you can consider picking the Business plan which will cost you $99 every month.

The amazing thing about all these plans is that they all come with a two weeks free trial. This, therefore, means that you can opt-out of the plan you choose, in case you find it unsatisfying.

10. Clixtrac


Last but not least in this list of best link tracker software that you ought to consider is Clixtrac. Even though this link tracking software looks like its straight from 2001, it is a pretty powerful tool.

Known to be one of the effective free link trackers, click tracking, and ad tracking software that you should consider adding to your list.

One notable feature about this software is the availability of free banner and link tracking properties that allow the user to keep track of the number of times your marketing campaign links are being viewed and clicked by your visitors.

This software is best recommended for those operating under a tight budget. The consideration is because it’s free and if you consider the paid plans, you will realize that the software is quite affordable. The software is also known to give basic URL tracking services. This means that you can easily track the clicks on the URLs that you set up during your marketing campaigns.

Clixtrac Features

Next up we will see what Clixtrac has to offer.

Link cloaking

By-passing of commissions is a common threat for most affiliate marketers in the game today. When found victim, you may end up losing your affiliate commissions. The amazing thing is that Clixtrac has a link cloaking feature. This feature cloaks your affiliate links thus preventing your affiliate commissions from being by-passed.

A/B tests

Testing the traffic to different landing pages is an essential activity. It’s much recommended to establish which of the pages will deliver effective results. Clixtrac offers A/B split testing features, and this means that you can easily find a landing page that works best for your business without any hassles.

Clixtrac Pricing

Clixtrac is known well for its free plan. This plan offers most of the link tracking services that you may need. For instance, it comes with unlimited banners and links that you may require for your campaigns. Also, it offers real-time tracking, and that’s 100 clicks per link. Also, you get to experience the power of retargeting when you consider this free plan.

If you are looking for something extra, you can upgrade to the premium plan, which goes for $4.95 a month. With the amount, you are assured of 20000 impressions per day, as well as, the power to track unlimited clicks. What’s, even more, is that you get daily, weekly or monthly reports, which are essential when it comes to planning a working strategy.

The last option is usually the professional plan, which costs $9.95 a month. This option is known to offer unlimited impressions and clicks, plus downloadable reports and many other features. If you are looking for more of what a link tracker can offer, this is the option to go for. Considering the considerable price for these plans, Clixtrac is worth the investment.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Link Tracker?

Now we have listed the best link tracker software, what one should you get?

We choose Snapt as our winner for the best link tracker.

The reason for this is it has all the benefits of more premium link trackers, but at a free price.

It  also has the benefit of not being widely used so the quality is great and there are not many spammers on the platform. This means your links are safe!

In the modern world of business, technology is taking control over almost every other sector. The internet, for example, has taken over the business sector. Today, there are many ways in which individuals can get their goods or services out there for the buyers to see.

Thanks to the presence of affiliate marketers. Without them, the world of business would somehow sound complicated for beginners, especially. When it comes to affiliate marketing, tracking links is an essential task that you shouldn’t undermine.

Luckily for you, this article picks and explains the most effective link tracking software that you can consider to invest in. The list doesn’t contain the best of the best options, but it highlights quality tools that you ought to consider.

This list is to help you deal with the confusion that comes with not knowing which of which options you can consider picking. By reading through the article, you will have a rough idea of the names to look for when finding the best link tracker to work with. Also, you will have an understanding of what to expect from each of the software, which is an essential factor to consider.

When it comes to picking the right software to work with, among the first things you should consider is the price. Always go for an option that fits your budget. The amazing thing is that this article contains both free and paid versions. Therefore, you can always find that one option that matches both your needs and budget.