Influencer marketing may seem easy. But there are lots of factors that you must consider if you want it to succeed. You don't only need to have a system so you can create the campaign. You should also have a way to track it and pay the influencers who advertise your business. In this article, you'll encounter various tools for different stages in your influencer marketing campaign. You are not required to use all the tools on this page, but it is encouraged that you at least try them.

OSI Affiliate Software

If one company is already considered an expert in the referral marketing or affiliate marketing industry, that would be OSI Affiliate. Not only is the company in the industry for a few years already. It has also refined its features to accommodate the evolving needs of the industry. It started as a referral marketing company. Then, it included other reward systems to make their tool more appealing. From there, they have now implemented a network of influencers so you can quickly get people who will be excited to promote your business. And it doesn't stop there. Aside from the promotion templates, it can also implement loyalty programs for the eCommerce business. OSI Affiliate is a tool that you can use for more than influencer marketing. It is a rather versatile tool that you can also use for other purposes. 

Share Love

Suppose there's one thing that is quite difficult to track when marketing online. It is having all of your campaigns in different places. When this situation happens, you will need to visit various websites to track your analytics data. It may not be that difficult to do if you are dealing with two to three websites. But it gets complicated once you start using up to ten tools. Sharelov is a tool that allows you to have all of your marketing campaigns in one convenient place. It is a great way to track your campaigns and have all of your materials in one place. It is also a great marketing collaboration tool that Hunting Bow Lab has been using to easily share your materials with target influencers.

AiTrillion Marketing Platform

Tracking the success of your influencer marketing campaign requires many types of metrics. Not only do you need to measure your website's traffic. You also need to look at how well your audience responds to your emails or loyalty programs. It would help if you asked questions such as “how many subscribers are opening your emails?”, “how many subscribers are clicking on your links?” and “how many website visitors are joining your programs?”. Now, you cannot answer these questions by yourself. It would help if you had an all-in-one tool like AiTrillion Marketing Platform. It is an exciting tool for it allows you to study different metrics from one convenient platform. It is a must for business owners, such as Drum Set Lab, who have just implemented an influencer marketing campaign. 

Third Light

One of the best ways to promote your business is through visual content. However, you will need a place to store all of your visual marketing materials if you want your target influencers to promote your business. It is in this area that a tool called Third Light can help you. With it, you can share all of your best marketing materials with your brand ambassadors. You can get as much as 1 TB of storage where everything is fully hosted for a year. 


Videos are compelling because it speaks to the hearts of its viewers. More than the words that are said and the images that appear on the screen, it also communicates the person's emotion who is talking through the video. This situation brought to light an aspect of video marketing that makes it so effective. It is personalization.

It is also an effective tool for reaching your target influencers. Influencers, after all, are not moved by monetary rewards. They are more interested in your vision. With Personal, you can communicate this vision with them to convince them to be on your team. 

Fospha Marketing

With the growth of internet marketing comes the development of direct-to-consumer brands. These brands don't sell their products in commercial establishments. Instead, they sell directly to customers. You can also create your own direct-to-consumer business, but it is more effective if you have the right tools. You can use Fospha Marketing to launch your business. It helps you not just in acquiring new customers but also in retaining them as well. 


These days, it is not enough to use one form of marketing. It is also not enough to advertise your business in one location. You have to be omnipresent in the lives of your target audience. It would help if you stayed on their top of mind when they need your products and services. MarketingLeo is a tool that allows you to have omnipresence by enabling you to promote across multiple channels automatically.

Servicing your clients online means that you should give them away to purchase your products sans the hassle. is a tool that gives your prospects a chance to order your products online, and you can send them to the right on the platform. More than aiding the ordering process, it can also help in the tracking process. It ensures that all orders reach the customers on time. You can even use this for getting your target influencers. You can send them little gifts as “thank you” for helping you out. 


Are you running an agency? No problem! DashClicks allow you to create white-labeled client dashboards so you can send them reports with your brand. Using it will not only make your process more effective. It can also give your business better credibility in the eyes of your clients. 

Consumer Marketing Platform

You need to know your consumers to get them to buy your product successfully. It is not enough to get an influencer to promote you. Your consumers should also trust you. Consumer Marketing Platform allows you to organize these sentiments to use them to advertise your products and services successfully. 

Influencer marketing on Wix doesn't need to be complicated. You need to know what tools to use and how to use them. Hopefully, this article has already given you enough options.