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Builderall is not only an all-in-one digital marketing platform but it is also an affiliate program. They call it “Builderall Business” that has a unique two-tier structure of commissions.

However, it isn’t as easy to do compare to the Builderall software itself. I will give you a step-by-step process on how to become a Builderall Affiliate.

How To Become A Builderall Affiliate?

Before signing up you need to make sure that you are a “Builderall Business” user. 

Just sign up and then click the Builderall Business plan! You will also have a 7-day Builderall free trial.


It will cost you $69 monthly but it will be a great tool to enhance your business, as you can use everything it has to offer.

It offers you tools to build your affiliates and email lists. You won’t need any third-party tools because it has everything that you need.

You can also create landing pages, email list and email directly from the software.

Where Is The Best Place To Promote Builderall?

Builderall’s niche-specific funnels are one of the great things Builderall has going for it.

In these niche-specific funnels, you're able to copy and paste the funnel and make a brand new website in just a snap.

It also includes thousands of themes where you can choose a suitable appearance for your website.  

Builderall can pay you $50 as a bonus for every 690 points you earn.

So, winning a car will be a good target goal that you can work on in order to level up.

The best recommendation is to find your target audience and focus on them.

Focusing on small businesses will be too broad and that’s why you need to focus on a specific type. 

How To Get Your Builderall Affiliate Links

You just need to activate your account. Click on the Builderall Business that you can find on the left-hand side then select Affiliate Funnels. 

You will be able to see a list of different niche and trial offers for Builderall.

What Do I Personally Think About The Affiliate Program?

It has been great with Builderall so far.

As with other software, it isn’t perfect as I have experienced some glitches as the landing page was not working properly. Due to this, I may have lost some money but that’s okay because that is one of the affiliate struggles. 

I’m sure now that the software improved and I must say the founder, Erick Salgado is making sure that you will get the best out of being a Builderall Affiliate.

Their customer service is great as you can see how they care for their members, they really respond really well to queries. You can feel that the company cares so it feels so much better to know that you are in good hands. 

What Commission Do You Earn As A Builderall Affiliate?

There is a new compensation plan with the release of Builderall Affiliate 3.0. Focus on making sign ups then you will be able to earn well.

They also have a Dream Car program. The mechanic is, if you refer 100 people to Builderall as an affiliate, they can pay you $500 per month towards your car release. And if you refer 200, then you’ll get $1000!

How Can I Become A Builderall Affiliate For Free?

There is a way through which you don’t have to pay to become a Builderall Affiliate. It is called Leveraged Affiliate Program but you need a ton of leads to be able to use it to your advantage as it is based on a point system.

There are two types of scoring in the Builderall Leveraged Affiliate Program:

     A- Self-consumption points = Each dollar generated by an Affiliate’s own consumption of one of the platform plans equals 3 points.

     B- Direct sale points = Each dollar generated by the direct sales of the platform plans equals 1 point.

An affiliate must achieve and maintain a minimum score of 140 points in order to qualify to receive commissions on recurring sales and first-level sales with Builderall.

In general, you need to earn a total of  147 points each month to make a commission. But then, if you sign up for $49 per month you get 147 automatically. 

So, what are the steps to be a Builderall Affiliate for free?

You just need to sign up for the 7-day free trial, no credit card required. Then, just sign up and log in so you can unlock the affiliate module.

Is Builderall One of those Pyramid Business?

To answer that question, definitely not. It may sound like that though, but it is different. 

Builderall offers both tier 1 and tier 2 affiliate bonuses but it only stops after a 2nd affiliate. Unlike pyramid schemes that go on forever and ever, that will make the last one earn less.

Builderall wanted to make it clear that the company is all about making the sale and helping you in every way through commissions. It doesn’t matter if only 1 digital copy of their product or even thousands of it.

The most important things are for them to expand their networks and that they can pay their affiliates a lot more compared to others out there. 

How to Market Builderall?

There are two kinds of people in terms of marketing sales funnels. One is the one who wanted to get rich fast and the other one is spending their time to get it right but skeptical of what they are doing.

The common denominator with these two is that they are willing to spend their money and pay a monthly fee.  It will be your sole decision to decide what kind of style you like and what type of person you want to sell it to.

Both have drawbacks that will make you lose subscribers and lose your monthly affiliate fee. 

It is much better if you prefer to sell how Builderall really works and show it to people. This isn’t a way to get rich quick but it will give you the ability to make money and multiply it, but in order to do that, you need to put a lot of effort and time to make it happen.

You won’t be able to control your affiliates but showing them the exact goal and value that you are putting up in this business will make them stay. You and your affiliate will both get your goals and make it. 

What Are The Rules For Builderall Affiliates?

  • Affiliates do not earn a commission when referring a new affiliate to Builderall (Only when that affiliate makes a sale)
  • Each direct sale of the Builderall platform plan generates a certain number of points for the affiliate
  • For an affiliate to qualify to receive commissions on recurring sales and unilevel sales with Builderall, an affiliate much achieve (and maintain) a minimum score of 180.
  • Each point is assigned per sale and is valid for 30 days
  • As an affiliate, you should never suggest that another affiliate or person/ user will earn a certain amount of money through using or promoting Builderall. This is a general rule for all affiliate programs so definitely stick away from it.
  • First sale commission stays on hold for 35 days before becoming available to withdraw
  • Once you have been paid at least $250 (USD), your recurring commissions to be requested will only be on hold for 5 days, otherwise, it will take 35 days.


Making money isn’t easy but with the Builderall Affiliate program, but you can earn depending on how much effort you will put into it.

It won’t be easy but if you have a need to achieve goals and make the most out of it then Builderall Affiliate could be the right one for you.

Try to learn every bit of this system, business and perseverance, and for sure you will be a great affiliate of Builderall.