Today we will be doing a Drip Review. It is common knowledge among businesses that the way to target audiences is thru email nowadays. Drip is a very reliable tool wherein you can easily send emails and newsletters and make your company known to the public. However, when your target audience becomes a lot to handle because they are multiplying you need a powerful tool to make all the work for you. This is where email marketing and automations comes in. Drip is one of the leading companies out there that caters to every need of a business. Let's look more at this Drip Review.

What is Drip?

Drip in an e-commerce CRM company that offers email personalization, purchase intent scoring, automated workflows with social ads with their custom audiences integration. It has a powerful automations that are easy to use. They have a Workflow builder that is highly visual and makes it easy for you to build your sequences. 

The company is supported by Liquid where you can do personalized and advance funnels. Also, liquid is a powerful tool created by shopify. What make drip stand out is that there are no lists as it acts as CRM where it powered by a tagging system and every email is considered as unique contact. It makes segmentation much more easier. 

With Drip’s automations, there are a lot of customization that you can do that can make it easier for your business that you don’t need to worry about deliverability as it runs into an auto pilot. Let's find out why you should use drip in this Drip Review.

Why use Drip?

Drip is one of the pioneers when it comes to email marketing and automations. Their platforms boost credibility which is easy to use workflows and powerful automations that has good deliverability. It has automation that makes workflows simple. You can customize every action that you want and can add “If statements” to your workflow.

Their integration with different and known marketing tools is one of the highlights of Dip. This will provide you with more action to your workflow. The tagging system of Dip is as good as other email marketing platforms. You can tag the subscriber manually or handle them through your workflows. 

Aside from these features, they have good split testing where you can test subject lines, send times and from names. They also have a powerful reporting options that generate subscriber count, email engagement, return on investment and tag growth. 

Best Features of Drip

Drip’s Workflows makes it easier, simpler and faster to understand. Creating workflows is incredibly simple and intuitive. You can customize actions as you wish by just adding and dragging things you want. The actions can be when a subscriber opens an email or when someone navigates to a different page or just any action that you think will make your workflow better. 

Drip’s Integration makes it more appealing because you can integrate your business to other marketing tools such as Shopify, Magento, Privy and a lot more. Once you connect with a tool, you can use it in your workflows too.  It will make your company more active and will get you more leads. 

Other Features of Drip

Drip’s Email builder has one of the most competitive designs as it is visual and text based. The usage of its marketing campaign makes it easy because of its blueprints and broadcast feature. 

Drip’s Customer tracking gives insights into the behavior of the customers i.e what pages of the website they view and the number of visits. You can easily see the path that the subscriber took and continue tracking their actions. It has the most advanced tracking system. 

What I like about Drip

  • Easy to use interface
  • Automations as it can work on autopilot
  • Integration with its ability to link Shopify and other ECommerce solutions
  • Best platforms capabilities are just not offered to basic plans
  • Deliverability

What I don’t like about Drip

  • Email templates are very basic
  • Takes a while to learn all the features
  • The pricing might be too much for a start-up company
  • Free trial is only for 14 days

How much does it cost?

You can get started with Drip for free for 14 days.


Basic Plan is $49. It includes up to 2,500 active people, unlimited email sends with chat and email support for 24/7.


Pro Plan is $122. It includes up to 5,000 active people, unlimited email sends with chat and email support for 24/7.


Enterprise plan varies, it includes 5001+ active people with chat and emails support 24/7.

Will I choose Drip over ActiveCampaign or GetResponse?

These three platforms are all very powerful when it comes to email marketing as they offer all the basic needs of what a business really needs. They also have their very unique qualities that make them stand out from the rest. 

I must say that Drip is a powerful tool when it comes to email marketing and automations but it is not for everyone. The company’s features are also similar to other email marketing out there one thing that makes them appealing is their integrations to other marketing tools and advanced interface. 

I will choose Drip for its intuitive workflows, automations and integrations. However, I prefer my interface clean and much more user friendly that ActiveCampaign has and it also can send targeted messages to website visitors. I also prefer GetResponse email builder with its unique mobile preview and its landing pages and options for webinars.

Drip Review Conclusion

That's it for our Drip Review. Drip isn’t for you if the business is just starting as it gets overwhelming when it comes to their price. However, if you are already a company that is pretty made up and have a lot of leads under your sleeve then it is for you as they have can offer 2,500 active people for a basic price. They also offer their platform capabilities for the most basic price. 

We all have different preferences when it comes to platforms to use. It will take a lot of trial and error to be able to know what kind of email marketing and automations best suit your business. Think we missed something in our Drip Review? Leave a comment below.

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Today we will be doing a Drip Review. It is common knowledge among businesses that the way to target audiences is thru email nowadays. Drip is a very relia
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