Are you tired of your 9-5 job and wanted to start your own business? It is a great idea to sit at home while working, no boss, no hassle of going to work. Is it dreamy right? But how do you make it a reality? You have no idea how to start, but you know you wanted to sell products. In my article today, I will help you to create a product to sell.

This will be a step by step guide to help you find your niche and how to get started with the business that you will love and enjoy.

Steps On How To Create A Product To Sell

Step #1 Brainstorm Ideas

I’m sure when you wanted to sell something, you already have different ideas on your mind. It usually comes from the things you like, passionate about, and something that you would want for yourself.

But before you go to designing and making a product, you need to do some basic research first so you can understand if its already in the market or if it already does what will make your product unique compared to others. Also, you have to think of people that will buy your products and make it more enticing for them to purchase and get it. So brainstorming is one of the first steps that you need to do.

Step #2 Design Your Product

If you already made up your mind with the product you want to sell. The next thing steps to do is to design it and make a prototype.

You can make it yourself, and if you don’t have the talent to do so, you can ask someone who has the knowledge to do so. It depends on how will it cost you by just designing the product and researching for excellent and affordable materials is a must. It will all boil down on what kind of product you want it to be, but keep in mind that making it more affordable and simple with a dash of uniqueness will make it a great product.

Step #3 Product Production

Now that you have the physical products and you made a good one after all the revisions and trials and errors. The next step is to find a place where you can do it in bulks. If you can do it on your own, then that’s great, but if you think you need a place where you can find cheap labor and raw materials, then you could do that as well.

Included in product production is the whole packaging, and you have to make sure that all your products pass the quality control to avoid additional costs on your part. It could get messy if your production is faulty and instead of profiting you’ll lose a lot of money.

Step #4 Pricing

In this step, you should know how much did it cost you to make your product. From the raw materials to the labor and costs of production. You need the total to determine how much are you going to sell it on the market.

You can also set a bulk order price if you are going to distribute it to resellers. You have to think carefully about the price as you don’t want it to be too expensive or too cheap. You have to set a margin depending on the capital that you used in the whole production.

Step #5 Selling and Marketing

You need a lot of brainstorming with this step as it the last one. This will also determine if your product will be a great hit to the market that you are targetting. Doing a lot of market research is essential in selling a product in which you already taught on the first step. 

Executing this is essential as it will lead you to more sales and profit. You can market it online or go to product conventions and better to do both. It is easy nowadays to market products, especially online, especially on social media platforms.

You can also make use of influencers, vloggers to use your products so they can promote them. You have to think of ideas where you can reach as many people as you can to sell your products. Make sure that all your concepts are on point, and your advertising should be terrific, as it will add to your sales. 

Final Thoughts

Creating a product to sell isn’t as difficult as it seems. You need the right steps for you to get started and have a good motivation for your product to be a success!

This article about how to create a product to sell will help you get started and build that business that you’ve been dreaming for so long. 

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