You asked for it, here is our Instato Review! Instagram is one of the most beloved social networking today and if you don’t know about it, then you must be living under a rock! It is one of the fastest-growing social network services that let you post photos, videos, stories and now has been a lot of growing influencers. This app has been a large target for marketing from a lot of people because a lot of people are using it. You can view a lot of different things like hotels, restaurants, clothes and everything under the sun! No wonder business and influencers used this often to target different audiences.

With all of these in the picture, there is a platform available that is perfect for business and influencers to makes their accounts influential on Instagram and to easily manage their accounts that will help the business. Let me introduce to you Instato. Instato is a social media marketing tool that will help your Instagram network by automatically acquiring followers. The features we will be discussing more in my Instato review, so keep on reading! 

 What is Instato?

Instato is a social media marketing that helps in automation on Instagram, it is a bot that helps you grow a network. This platform has a lot to offer aside from acquiring followers, this also provides automatic liking, following and unfollowing, and even sending direct messages.

This platform has a lot to offer for an aspiring influencer and for those businesses who want to manage their account as simple as possible. Everything is automated and has the ability to schedule posting your photos, videos, and stories. It has a customizable setting and very easy to use. One thing that makes it more simple to use is that you can manage your pages everywhere.  

Why use Instato?

Instato is an online bot service designed for Instagram, their main goal is to assist its users to manage their accounts, gained more followers and enhanced its engagement. It is a pure organic service that doesn’t sell likes or followers and takes away the tiring task of trying to get your Instagram to be activated manually.

Instato is a very cheap and efficient way to make your engagement with your followers. Their automation allows you to concentrate on creating content instead of doing it manually which will cost you more time. Its automation features allow you to auto-follow, auto like, comment, unfollow, auto direct message and post that will make your account grow. 

Also, with its power to manage the account from a multiplatform and manage multiple accounts it will be a great way to think of more content for your followers and makes a user’s life easier. Let's move onto the next section of our Instato Review.

What is the Best Feature of Instato?

Manage multiple accounts

Influencers and businesses have multiple Instagram accounts and its a hassle for them to manage it. But with Instato they can do it all with the use from a single dashboard. Imagine that this feature will make their lives much simpler and comfortable.

They can switch between multiple accounts and have the freedom to choose what they want to manage. This will give them more time to do a lot of things aside and makes the management of their accounts easier. 


Instato offers great automation of Instagram. They have tools to make easy for their users such as it can automate your posts easily, and have an activate feature that can like, comment, share and perform other activities. It has the ability to follow and unfollow and has a direct message feature if you have a list of users to communicate with. Scheduling of your post won’t be a problem because you don’t have to do it manually, just set a perfect schedule and this will automatically do it for you.  


One of the best things about Instato is that users can access their dashboard from anywhere. Users can use any device to manage their accounts may it be via tablet, smartphone and it doesn’t matter if its an iOs or Android. This can also monitor their account’s performance and manage it whenever they are. 

Other Features of Instato

The Instato Calendar if one of their tools that can monitor the account’s activity every month.  This offers a support page that can guide users to get started. 

Also, Instanto can target new followers by its usernames in which it can get more followers from your followers’ account. Next is by its locations, by engaging users who have a location check-in. Lastly is by the use of hashtags which users use through their posts. 

Why give Instato a Thumbs Up?

  • Efficient  automation tools to manage Instagram accounts
  • It schedules posts in advance
  • Fully automated when it comes to liking, following and unfollowing, and posting content.
  • Customizable settings
  • It can get all the details regarding the accounts you are managing. 

Why give Instato a Thumbs Down?

  • It can only be used for Instagram
  • Its security may not be that strong so you need to make a close eye when it comes to maintenance

Is Instato Affordable?

Yes, it is! Instato offers packages that are cheap and affordable to an inspiring influencer and for businesses. They have a 3-day trial so you can try it first before making a decision to subscribe. 

They have 3 plans that you can choose from:


The basic Personal plan costs $29.95 per month. It includes management of 1 account.


Team plans cost $49.95 per month. It includes management of up to 5 accounts and a Spintax Support.


The Instato Agency plan costs $ 99.95 per month. It includes management of up to 15 accounts and a Spintax Support.

Final Verdict: Instao Review

Instato is the perfect tool to suit your needs. The platform is easy to understand as it has easy to use tools and low maintenance. As it is a simple platform, you can quickly learn it and very user-friendly. It makes managing your account much efficient because of how it is made with its personalize settings.

I must say that this is one of the best things that happened to Instagram users as it is a cheaper way to manage accounts and make an engagement to followers much easier. I hope this Instato review will help you decide if ever you are having second thoughts about acquiring it. We hope you enjoyed our Instato Review.

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You asked for it, here is our Instato Review! Instagram is one of the most beloved social networking today and if you don’t know about it, then you must be
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