Are you starting to grow your email list? You came to the right page. I will tell you how to get more email subscribers by using lead ideas that are effective and will help you grow your list.

These are lead ideas that will not only help you get email addresses but turn them into subscribers, win them, and become fans.

In getting more email subscribers, the best thing to do is to have a tried-and-true method. So what is it? The tried-and-true method is where you are offering a lead magnet then provide a valuable piece of content to get someone’s email address. 

You need to have more content than the usual invitation to subscribe to your newsletter. Because believe me, people perceive newsletter as more emails coming their way, and they wouldn’t like that. People want something valuable in exchange for them to join your email list.

Do you want to know what these exchanges for them to subscribe to your mailing list are? Let me share with you ideas on how to get more email subscribers. 

How To Build Your Email List

Everything in this world is evolving, and ways to build an email list is one of them. Before, offering huge, and less than 50-page ebook ord PDF files. However, people right now wouldn’t have the time to read all through that. They want the gist and as much as possible, no longer reading. 

So, this is why these ideas that I am going to present you is going to help you how to get more email subscriber with the people in this day and age.

Idea #1 Make A Resource List

In enticing future subscribers, you can make a resource list. It could be any topic that you think your target will find interest in. A resource list can be a lot of value to people, and with the use of this, they can happily exchange it for their email address. 

An excellent example of a resource list is to make a list on how to create a blog or tools you need how to get started with a blog. This kind of list will be favorable to people who want to start their blogs to help them with their online business or use it for a hobby. 

Idea #2 Make a Quick Start Guide

People on the internet use google on how to use things and what is it for. For myself, I usually use the help of the internet if I need help in using a particular product, especially if it’s too technical. You can take advantage of this by offering them how to start using a particular object quickly. 

Idea #3 Make A Video Answer

A video answer is where you can answer the most important question your audience has and make a video of it. It could be a way where you can give them access to that if they subscribe to your email list.

Idea #4 Make A Checklist

We always make our checklist depending on what kind of things we need. It could be for our groceries, things to do, or our bucket list. It is a kind of list to remind you of such words and for you to be able to accomplish it. 

You could offer your future subscribers with a creative list of the different processes that you are experts in. Give them steps and make it like a checklist form with all the checkboxes so they can tick it. Make it as creative as possible. 

Idea #5 Make Email Scripts

Email scripts is a great way to give away to your future subscribers as you can make different templates that they can use. It could be helpful email scripts on how to make a proper business letter, or even email scripts about sales and marketing a product.

Idea #6 Make A Mini-Course

A mini-course is training, but just a small one compare to regular training in the market as it is only for a small amount of time or only part of the full training that you are going to offer. 

By giving away this kind of course, it could also be a good marketing idea so they can have a gist of what you’re full training could be like, and the only way for them to know about it is to subscribe to your mailing list.

Idea #7 Give Away A Book Chapter

If you are an author of a book, the best way to expand your mailing list is to give them a snippet of your book by giving away a free chapter. In this way, you will be able to provide them with an appetizer of what your book is all about. If they are into it, I’m sure they will subscribe to your email list.

Idea #8 Give Away A Course Module

A course module is like a table of contents of the course that you are offering. By giving away a course module, they could be able to view what is inside your course and be able to gauge if it is the right course for them. 

Idea #9 Make A Quiz

Making a quiz will give your future subscriber an entertaining and interactive way when it comes to communicating with you. Not only that, it will possibly make them your subscribers, but it is also a way to find out more about them and make use of it for your other methods on how to expand your mailing list.

Idea #10 Live Training

Live training is one of the most interactive ways for you to connect with people. It is more enticing because people with getting to see you live and clear, and it will make them trust you more. This is why live training is the most effective way to build up a mailing list because people get to see you live and fresh in front of the camera. 

You can easily invite people to come and join you on your scheduled date by registering and voila! You got their email addresses. 

Final Thoughts

Building a subscriber list shouldn’t be a hard task to do. There are a lot of creative ideas where you can entice people to subscribe to your list. 

I hope these ideas on how to get more email subscribers will be of help if you are struggling to expand your email list or want to build it up for your business.