Today we are going to be talking about one of my favorite freelancing platforms, Legiit. In this Legiit review im going to tell you:

  • Why use Legiit
  • How to make money on Legiit without having your own service
  • First hand experience of using Legiit from every aspect of the platform

I'll also show you how you can make your service stand out from the crowd and get sales before most people do!

So lets get into it!

What Is Legiit?

Legiit comes across as a platform that you can use when you want “gigs” done for you through outsourcing. You would need this because you simply can’t do everything alone when you are trying to develop an online business; some outsourcing will be necessary.

This is mainly because outsourcing may provide you with some of the best, industry standards services that will give you time to focus elsewhere on your business.

Alot of the freelancers are professionals and experts in what they do and they have the best knowledge of how to get the job done. Therefore, the quality of the work done is up to the industry standards.

What Legiit offers is a digital marketplace that provides numerous buyers and sellers the ability to connect. They will then exchange the services (from the seller) and their needs (from the buyers).

Legiit offers them security as all the works shared will exclusively be between them. The platform not only provides a secure platform but also makes the whole process cost-effective (and fair) for either of the two parties.

What Makes Legiit Unique?

Legit has been in existence for slightly more than three years, yet has been able to be quite popular. It has reason through the ranks beating some of the already existing platforms and is currently amongst the top ones in the list. What makes it a unique platform?

Legiit is designed with an intuitive design and timeless quality that makes it a favorite for its users. It comes across as a platform that has polished its features and bridged the gap that other platforms have been unable to bridge. In the present day, you would be able to realize its significance more than its rivals that have undergone the test of time.

It targets a specific niche of the market and does not generalize the whole market and this provides its users with an unmatched experience. For instance, if you are a buyer in Legiit, you will not have to go through irrelevant listings instead you are directed to what you are looking for exactly.

This should be able to save you enough time as a digital marketer and it also enhances efficiency through the whole platform.

Benefits Of Legiit

When you decide to work with Legiit as a digital marketer, you get at your disposal some of the largest active Facebook groups. The group provides you with access to some of the most experienced professionals in what they do.

You may get the best advice and support that will guide you through your activities. The professionals focus on areas such as Digital Marketing, web development, and other sectors.

A major reason why Legiit is a favorite is because of its professional support team that can solve any disputes between buyers and sellers. You may also contact them if you are having trouble with the technical issues and other technical complications within the platform.

As a member of Legiit, you may also enjoy its community engagement features that bring onto the table ideas from members within the platform. You could air your ideas on how to better the platform. Similarly, this acts as an incentive that leads to sellers coming up with quality material.

As an affiliate you could earn a commission for recommending a product to the marketplace. You could either withdraw the earnings from your affiliate activities or even use them to purchase a product you want. This works for buyers who are in the professional sector, they would recommend a product to their friend who makes a purchase, they earn commission and use their earnings to make a purchase; quite convenient.

Legiit provides a cost-effective way for buyers and sellers to get the most out of their activities. Either of the two does not have to incur expensive expenses when they are seeking for the best services or products like in a normal scenario.

Legiit bridges the gap and helps professional freelancers sell their products and services in a platform where security is guaranteed for both buyer and seller.

However, Legiit has several shortcomings that cripple its activities. For instance, as a seller you can’t disable a link from an affiliate so you may just lose a significant percentage of the cost of your product or service if it is sold through an affiliate.

Payment through PayPal may not work for those without an account in PayPal. However, you could use the credit card option which comes through this year.

My Experience On Legiit

I am what you call a typical user on Legiit. I don't have many services. But I use Legiit as a buyer, a seller and as an Affiliate.

When you go to buy a service, they only offer Paypal. They used to offer credit card processing but it was getting abused too much. So now if you want to use it through credit card, you MUST use it through Paypal.

But honestly, if you're dealing with any kind of online sales, you should be using Paypal anyway.

If you're selling products and services, then you can request a payout via Paypal or Payoneer.

Another bonus is that it only takes about 24 hours to get your money from your Legiit account to your Paypal.

Now lets get into what its like using Legiit from different perspectives.

As An Affiliate

Most of the rival platforms do not offer affiliates with a simple way to promote a service like Legiit does. It beats its closest rivals hands down. One thing to be aware of is that you can only promote a service if you have purchased it previously.

This stops people from trying to sell you a $1000 service that they have personally never used befroe.

The commission are also much more lucrative on Legiit than other platforms. Unlike some of the other platforms that only pay for new signups, Legiit also pays you 15% commission for services that are bought by users who use your affiliate link.

As a seller

Since Legiit does not have as much competition as other platforms, sellers can get an easier time to get started and getting their testimonials/social proof ready.

Just look at the reviews that these guys have on their services.

This means it is less competitive than other marketplaces, so you can take advantage of this and sell your products and services at much higher prices than you would with other platforms.

As a buyer

As a buyer on Legiit you will generally see services at a more “premium” price compared to other platforms.

But there is a reason for this (something you shouldnt ignore!)

From my hundreds of orders on the platform, you receive a MUCH higher quality of service compared to other marketplaces like Fiverr etc.

Legiit Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Legiit is a great platform that you should make apart of your workflow. It's also free to make an account to check out the services on there to go take a look at whats on offer!

How about you? Have you got a service on Legiit? If you do post what you offer and your username in the comments below so people can check it out (No links though)!