Right around February 1st, 2018 my Instagram post reach dropped by 4X!!! ?

This was the same day I caught word that Instagram was making some changes to their algorithm.

Here’s a screenshot of the advice I received:

I was super grateful to be made aware of this so that I could take action. But when I take action, I like to TEST and prove things TRUE or FALSE.

Test One

What if I do NOT change anything for a few days? Whelp… that didn’t work!!! But it did prove something wasn’t working like it used to.

I continued to have horrible reach as you can see below:

Test Two

Then I thought, what if I just changed ONE thing? I did and my reach instantly returned to where it had been before.

Here were my results after making this ONE change:

Here is the ONE change that I made. Immediately after you post and notify your inner circle of friends and family to comment, do NOT link directly to your new post.

Instead, I sent them to my Instagram feed’s homepage:

So when I notified my family and friends using my handy spreadsheet, I sent a message with a link to my Instagram account VERSUS directly to the post.

Here’s an example of my message to family and friends BEFORE:

I hope you enjoy today's post! ?

Here’s an example of my message to family and friends AFTER:

You can do all things! ? Enjoy today's post!

I referenced “You can do all things!”, which relates to the post I sent them. This is so they know which post to click on when they land on my Instagram account. It's always the first post on my feed, but I want to make sure they know which post I'm talking about.

Why Did This Work?

I don’t know. It was my first instinct to test. My hypothesis is that it’s more organic for people to land on your Instagram homepage and choose the post for themselves.

If my post's reach drops again, I’ll let you know and test out some of the other things. But for now, things are back to the way they were and I am happy with that.

Now Over To You…

Will you let me know if this works for you? What else is helping you reach a larger audience? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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