You finally decided that its time to set up your own site, all your creative juices are flowing but then you hit a wall.

  • You don’t know how to set up a website 
  • You don’t have a background in coding
  • And to top it off, You have no budget to hire a professional!

Don’t fret as we have a solution for you.

There are themes and plug-in companies that can solve your problem. A company like Thrive Themes that offers all your needs to set up a website that you will need to grow your brand.

We will walk you through how this company will help you create a conversion focused website with our Thrive Themes review.

Thrive Themes Homepage

This is your go-to shop as it provides you all the tools you need to setup a website for collecting emails, selling and overall converting customers. It can build everything from simple to complex sites.

You name it Thrive will help you build it!

You can even have a look at my website Gurudb. That home page was made 100% with thrive architect. 

Thrive themes has a lot to offer when it comes to themes and plug-ins that you’ll definitely need.

Why Use Thrive?

A lot of bloggers use WordPress for their content, it is a reliable software where you can write a lot of things and it is very easy to use.

It may be very reliable but there is still something missing.

This is where Thrive Themes comes in, to fill the missing pieces for WordPress as it gives additional tools to make your site more enticing to your subscribers. 

It offers a lot of themes and additional plug-ins that you can definitely use in building your site and making it more beautiful. 

Features of Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes offer a lot of plug-ins which I  will discuss each one below.

Thrive Leads

The focus of this plug-in is to help you generate an email list and to manage your correspondence whether its old or new leads. This is great in keeping your clients well informed. 

It has thousands of opt in templates you can use at a click of a button.

Thrive Optimizer

This is a Thrive plug-in for headings and other keywords, as it will help your website be apart from others and make it rank higher for increased traffic. This tool is essential as we all know that everyone gets all their information from search engines.

Thrive Comments

The plug-in where your audience can write their comments and share ideas about your blog that is essential to make room for improvements. It is a good avenue to hearing what your audience thinks.

This is a good tool as it helps you set up a comment section that can be very hard to do manage once your site grows, it will save you a lot of time. 

Thrive Quiz Builder

This plug-in can help you generate a fun test without the complications of coding and algorithm.

This will make your relationships with your subscriber more interactive and keep them interested. It has been proven that it increases traffic and shares on websites and works best with lifestyle blogs and websites. 

Thrive Ovation

This plug-in is quite similar to the Thrive Comments but the difference is that it is a direct testimonial about your site.

A more effective tool that can help you generate more leads. This tool will let your subscribers leave comments or testimonials that can automatically publish into a testimonial on your site. 

Thrive Architect

Last but not least is the Thrive Architect, the most popular plug-in that Thrive offers. You will be able to create conversion-focused pages even if you don’t have any coding skills.

This a visual page builder that will give you full control over the visual of everything on your site. It will make things easy to do like removing menus, formatting columns, and adding visual calls to action. Overall, this will help you to create any web page that you want. 

There are more tools within the Thrive Themes plug-ins such as Thrive Ultimatum that can display a countdown timer, and  Thrive Widget Manager that helps you to understand better and manage your website. 

What I like about Thrive Themes

  • Can control everything on your site
  • Split Testing
  • Clever Widgets
  • Page builder is very fluid
  • Create custom quizzes
  • One-stop shop
  • Loads of templates

What I don’t like about Thrive Themes

  • Customer support needs improvement
  • Steep learning curve
  • No shopping cart function
  • Plug-ins can slow down sites
  • The core themes are terrible and outdated now (Thrive builder coming soon)


As you can see from my review above, Thrive Themes has a lot of features and products, and they are all priced differently and can be subjected to change. The most important part of their pricing is that you just need to take note of their two options.

One is that you can purchase each tool individually. Second, you can get them all with a monthly membership.

I believe it is much better to purchase a monthly subscription than purchasing their plug-ins individually to help you save money.

Here are the prices of its membership:

Thrive Membership

Thrive Membership costs $19 per month that is paid annually. It includes the use of all plug-ins and themes for all of your own 25 websites.

Agency Membership

The Thrive Agency Plan costs $49 monthly that is paid annually. It includes the use of all plug-ins and themes for 50 of your own and client's websites.

Final Verdict: Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Themes is one of the best conversion-optimized plug-in sets for WordPress. It offers a lot of plug-ins that will definitely make your life in building a site much easier.

I personally use it on all my sites. Including this one! 

It only doesn’t make your site beautiful and ready for your customers but it also makes managing the sites uncomplicated.

At first, you may need to be able to take time to learn most of the plug-ins if you have zero experience in building sites.

It is a process that you need to learn step by step, slowly but surely. It has everything you may need in creating the site that you really want and what you audience wants to see.

For your budget, it is worth the money! It will be best if you choose their membership payment instead of buying their products individually.

In buying the membership you will be able to maximize all their products and it will be practical for you especially if you are in a budget.

I definitely recommend Thrive Themes for as it is a one-stop-shop and can definitely help you build and grow your digital business.  

I hope this Thrive Themes review helped you in deciding if the product is the right way for you to level up your business needs. 

Have any questions? Simple leave a comment below!