Frequently Asked Questions

Business responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Create an accurate product campaign
  • Promptly ship product or upload valid coupon code in accordance with how campaign was created
  • Ship new unused products that best represent your Brand
  • Quality Review campaigns:  product must be provided at no charge and no shipping charge.
  • Honest Review on Third Party Site:  product / coupon code must be provided as detailed on the campaign
  • Extend influencer’s completion time if there are problems with shipment or coupon code
  • Respond to messages in the message center in a timely manner
  • Only use message center to communicate with influencers regarding current campaigns - using the message center for solicitations could result in suspension of your account
  • Always act in a professional manner
  • Follow TOS of Tomoson and other sites for which you are member represents 80,000+ influencers and micro influencers in a wide range of industries, who love to review and create social buzz for Brands. When creating a campaign, you will be able to select what kind of niche you would like to review your product.
Studies show readers trust the blogs they read and brands can submit free products to bloggers for a minimal cost. Bloggers may influence 1000’s if not millions of people that see your product review and make a potential decision to purchase your product. In short, the cost of getting your product in front of millions of people via influencer marketing could be the cost of one free product. Now that’s an ROI anyone can live with.
After the free trial period we charge a monthly subscription fee based on software usage.

When determining your marketing budget remember to include the cost of the product, shipping costs and payments to influencers for their work.
Free trials are limited to one per brand and a maximum of 10 campaigns. Creating more than one account or more than 10 campaigns during the free trial period is cause for account suspension.
Total Reach is the sum of an influencer's social channels.
Total Reach = website visitors + Facebook friends & likes + Twitter followers + Youtube subscribers + Instagram followers
YES. By creating a campaign with the marketing goal of Feedback you are are able to request reviews for third party sites such as Smashwords, Goodreads, Home Depot, Sears, Etsy, etc.
Once all tasks are completed and verified, the review links can be found by clicking the Completed button on the campaign listed on your Dashboard.
Yes, the Tomoson software platform offers a couple ways for Brands to communicate with influencers - the  Invite System and the Message Center.
Use the invite system to:
Send offers and customize messages to invite influencers to apply to your campaign
Use the message center to communicate with influencers to:
  • Clarify information regarding your campaign or product
  • Respond to influencer requests for completion date extension or removal from campaign
  • Address influencer concerns about the product, coupon codes, shipment, or the campaign in general
Messages including but not limited to the following are not allowed and are subject to deletion.  
  • Sending coupon codes
  • Asking for personal information (email addresses, shipping addresses, profile links, etc.) All information required to approve, ship, and review influencer work is provided by Tomoson software. Use the Contacts list to keep track of influencers you would like to work with again and the invite feature to invite your favorites/contacts to your new campaign
  • Solicitation and advertising of product or service
  • Offering to work or pay influencer outside of Tomoson platform or requesting any action that violates Tomoson TOS
Accounts consistently using the message center inappropriately are subject to suspension.
Tomoson advocates honest reviews about products. Tomoson will not mediate negative Tomoson ratings if an influencer gives a business a negative review. 
Tomoson considers a task invalid if:
  • it is obvious that the influencer did not test the product
  • the post is obviously for a product other than what was provided to the Influencer
  • the post is an obvious copy/paste of information from the brand site 
  • the link submitted is not valid, does not direct to the actual post, or is not from the site specified for that task

If you feel a submitted task falls into one of these categories, contact Tomoson customer support.  Include the campaign ID#, influencer's name, invalid task, and URL of the post you feel violates Tomoson's policy. Tomoson Review Team will investigate and take appropriate action which may include but is not limited to the removal of the influencer’s task verification
Yes. When a campaign is created you can set prerequisites to exclude people you prefer not to work with.
Yes. Each Brand sees a list of the people who have applied to their campaign, their URL, and other relevant statistics important for a good online campaign.
When running a campaign, you can tell a person where they can link to IF they want to. It is not required that people link to you because it's against Google policy. Most people will work with a brand to help in any way they can.
You can approve as many influencers as you wish. However, the number of people you approve and send product determines your monthly subscription fee.
Campaigns are normally approved within 24 business hours (during the business week). We manually approve all campaigns before they go live, so please adjust your marketing and shipping schedules accordingly. If you submit a campaign on Friday, please make sure you allow the weekend to go by before it's approved.
Once your campaign has been approved by our review team,  it is live on for anyone searching the Internet to see. Campaigns are also indexed and found via Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.  If you would like your campaign page to have a no index/no follow tag, contact Tomoson support.

Almost any product you would like honest reviews, content, images, videos, social buzz, or tutorials about can be listed on a Tomoson Campaign including but not limited to:

  • Physical products sold on your ecommerce website, third party website, or brick & mortar store
  • eBooks and apps
  • Services
  • Events
  • Product launching/kickstarter campaigns

Tomoson does NOT allow adult products.  This includes, but is not limited to, tobacco, tobacco related products, and vaping products.
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