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12-pack, Flower Pot Clips Klips, Strong Durable Hard Galvanized Steel For Indoor/Outdoor Plant Terra Cotta Clay Pot Garden Latch Hangers

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Categories: Garden
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Product Details
PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: 1.7mm thick galvanized steel bracket, max load upto 25KG Steel screws, penetrate easily into the wood fence, gate, walls SMALL IN SIZE: Each clip measures 2"x1"x0.9" hidden behind the pot after installation HOW TO INSTALL: Use a screw driver or power drill to screw the clips, hang the pot on the clip COMPATIBLE WITH FLOWER POTS 5" to 8" clay pots, orchid pots, terracotta pots, the pots must have a similar edge as shown in the product image Fantastic way decorate the garden, backyard deck, fence, gate

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