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19.5" Pure Care Microfiber Mop with Telescopic Handle for Hardwood, Laminate, Tile floors, 2 Microfiber Pads for dusting or wet mopping, Multi-functional Scrapper

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The EasySlide mop makes it "easy" to clean your floors more efficiently without the use of harsh chemicals, saving time, money and helps keep your home toxin-free.Our premium microfiber pads are made with more fiber compared to regular cotton or synthetic cleaning pads which means that you'll enjoy superior cleaning results in a fraction of the time. The highly absorbent microfiber pads consist of millions of tiny fibers that attach to even the smallest particles of dust and dirt, leaving the surface sparkling clean without using expensive chemical-laden cleaning products. Not only are microfiber pads more hygienic than traditional cloths, they get into cracks and crevices that can't be cleaned with other widely used materials. Our EasySlide microfiber mop makes cleaning the floor easy, eliminating the need to lugging a bucket of water around with you as you clean. Simply wet one of the microfiber pads in the sink and you're ready to go. Use one of the included microfiber pads dry to pick up dust, hair, crumbs and other dirt particles prior to wet mopping. Then, simply remove the microfiber pad, rinse it in warm water, slightly ring it out and reattach it to the mop frame. Now it's ready to wet mop any hard surface, including hardwood or laminate floors, ceramic, porcelain, marble or granite tile, linoleum, and more.The wide 19.5" mop frame covers larger areas with an easy sweeping movement, cutting the cleaning time by more than half. The EasySlide microfiber mop effortlessly collects all the dust and dirt without the need for extensive scrubbing, leaving any surface you clean streak-free. Streaks are a common problem with string or sponge mops but not with our innovative EasySlide microfiber mop.The 360" swivel head easily maneuvers around objects and gets under tables and chairs without extra effort, avoiding excess stress and strain on your lower back.

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