4 Port USB 3.0 USB HUB TF SD Card Reader (Black) Campaign

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4 Port USB 3.0 USB HUB TF SD Card Reader. Aluminium Alloy USB 3.0 4 Port USB One TF and One SD Card Reader-Data Transfer. Premium Quality SD and Micro SD Reader with 4 USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Hub (Black...

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Color:Black 3.0 HUB for data transferring ,compatible with B.C 1.2 for charging as well. Pay attention to things. 4.1If more than 4 devices or large capacity devices connected and used at the same time, external power adapter needed, 4.2Please use the adapter which offered by standard or original adapter factory. If you find any problem on the product, please ask for professional technician to examine, don’t open in person. We will be not responsible under these situation: due to in improper way to operate, then cause burning, circuit shorting etc.

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