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4 USB ports USB 3.0 High-Speed Data Transfer Hub HUB. Premium Quality USB 3.0 4 USB HUB. High-Speed USB Data Transfer Hub for Smartphone, Hard Drive, Mouse, Keyboard, Printer, Scanner, Flash Drive

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LED Indicator 4 Ports High-Speed HUB USB 3.0 Expand Your Computer's Connectivity with The USB 3.0 Hub for Ultimate Flexibility Plug-And-Play and Hot-Swapping Capability Fast Data/File Access, Transfer Rate: Up To 5Gbps Widely Used for External Storage Devices, Scanners, Printers, DVD Drives, CD-RM Drives, Digital Cameras/Camcord Supports Windows ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, Win7 8, Mac O.S Over-Current Detection and Protection For Each Downstream Port User-Friendly and Ergonomic Design, Portable
Feature: With slim size With 4 LEDs indicators Aluminum material With Non-slip-pad Fuse to protect all devices
Specification: 4 Downstream (USB3.0 A-type) ports and 1 Upstream port. USB 3.0 specification, Super speed at 5.0Gbps, compatible with USB2.0(480Mbps) and USB1.1(12Mbps) Supports Plug & Play, up to 1000 times Per-port Over-Current detection and protection (when power adaptor connected) The advanced design keeps optimal speeds when using multiple USB devices simultaneously Product size: 67*45*16mm
System Supports: Windows Me/2000/XP/Vista/7 / 8, Mac and Linux Compatible Use for: Connects to scanners, printers, digital cameras, camcorders, speakers, mouse, keyboard, external drives, MP3 players and more Accessories: 1XUSB3.0 hubs 1X45CM USB3.0 Cable.
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Achoro 4 USB Ports Superspeed Hub designed for professional and personal use and it is affordable to everyone. It is manufactured of top-quality aluminum alloy materials and USB 3.0 mechanism in order superspeed operational effectiveness and efficiency. It supports all major computers, desktop, and laptop and works effectively computer operating system includes Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Work simultaneously with multiple devices includes USB Flash Drive for data transfer, printer, scanner, hard drive, mouse, keyboard, etc.

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