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8 inch Kitchen Chef’s Knife No-Stain Stainless Steel knife W/ Sharpener-Professional knife 8 Inch Butcher Knife tool for Chopping & Dicing Meat, Vegetables, Fish, Sushi + Gift Case

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A high quality tool you can count on for everyday use! With the MyLuxury 8-inch chef's knife you get top quality kitchen cutlery that's designed to last with the same quality that comes with professional Swiss, Japanese or German knives. We use the highest quality stainless steel for, strength, durability and style. Our blade maintains its sharpness longer than those of other manufacturers, meaning you get more use between sharpening and the blade stays true longer. Once you hold this knife, you'll appreciate the ergonomic handle and the balance. It's perfectly weighted so the blade does most of the work, and the handle is designed with comfort in mind so your fingers won't cramp or become numb when you're spending hours in the kitchen. ✵ Perfect for daily tasks around the kitchen - home or industrial ✵ Sharpener included ✵ Packaged in a luxury box; makes a perfect gift ✵ It's recommended you wash your MyLuxury knife by hand to protect the blade ✵ 8 Inches of cutting power - suitable for any ingredient Our blade gets things done, whether you're in a professional kitchen or at home. Effortlessly slice vegetables and fruits, fillet fish and debone meat or poultry. Dicing has never been easier, thanks to the shape and balance of the grip you can rapidly dice while still maintaining precision. Multipurpose is key, when a blade is too short, it can't effectively cut through thick slices of meat, however when it's too long, maintaining balance can become difficult and it can be unwieldy for anything other than the largest ingredients. Through extensive trial and error we've concluded that an 8'' knife is the ideal length for an all-purpose chef's knife. Order yours today while supplies last!

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