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Asian Vegan Recipes Ebook

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Are you a Vegan who loves Asian food? Or do you just want to eat healthy Asian food? Don't worry. We get you covered. Read below. In Sam Kuma’s latest book, he covers vegan recipes from one of the most popular global cuisines. Almost every country has a bunch of Asian restaurants scattered across the major cities. But the major problem with most of these restaurants is that they are unhealthy and use tons of processed meat and animal fat oils. With this book, however, you can enjoy Asian food without giving up on your Vegan lifestyle. Asian cuisine is very versatile and the vegan recipes will keep your taste buds tingling. You can incorporate the flavor explosion of Chinese meals into your daily cooking by following the simple and easy recipes that have been mentioned in this book. Going vegan was never this fun. So, why don't you pick a recipe that you would like to try and get started! Here is a list of what’s included in this book: Asian Vegan Appetizers Asian Vegan Soups and Salads Asian Vegan Breakfast Recipes Asian Vegan Noodles and Rice Recipes Asian Vegan Desserts Asian Vegan Stir Frys

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