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Ethnic Vegan Ebook (Box Set of 4 books)

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The Ultimate Ethnic Vegan Box Set (4 Books in 1 with Free Gift; 180+ Recipes Included) Download for free now with Kindle Unlimited Book 1: Italian Vegan Recipes Italian food is considered by many to be the best in the world; and has been voted the most popular ethnic food in America. This book is for anyone who wants to go vegan but is afraid of giving up one of life's greatest ethnic foods - ITALIAN. Let this book open your mind to the possibility of Italian Vegan food. It has a list of Italian vegan recipes that are classified by type: Italian vegan sauces, Italian vegan breakfast recipes, italian vegan soup recipes, Italian vegan salad recipes, Italian Pasta Recipes and Italian Diet Recipes What customers say: "I am a vegetarian, and I love looking for new recipes to try. This is the third book I have read by the author. He writes books geared to vegans, and vegetarians. This is my favorite so far. I love Italian food, and it's been hard to find any great tasting recipes for pasta and pizza. I love pizza and could eat it everyday." - Bridgette K. Mahmood Book 2: Mexican Vegan Recipes This book is on Vegan Mexican recipes. Mexican food is among the most popular ethnic foods in the USA and is also gaining popularity across the globe. The variety of spices, herbs, condiments and desserts have long been loved in America. Mexican cuisine is extremely luscious and eccentric. It’s a fusion of recipes from many different nations, especially those that have a predominantly Spanish-speaking population. The Mexican cuisine is famous for its unique and tasteful style. The recipes mentioned in this book have been made keeping in mind this essence of Mexican cuisine. You’ll definitely find the fiery deliciousness that generally accompanies Mexican cuisine in all the recipes. What customers say: "This is a must-have if you love Mexican food, Mexican culture and eating healthier. Normally most would think the three would not fit together. There are actually many Mexican food recipes that are mostly vegan." - Missy Anne Book 3: Asian Vegan Recipes Asian cuisine is very versatile and the vegan recipes will keep your taste buds tingling. You can incorporate the flavor explosion of Chinese meals into your daily cooking by following the simple and easy recipes that have been mentioned in this book. Going vegan was never this fun. So, why don't you pick a recipe that you would like to try and get started! What customers say: "This eBook isn't your average 'let's eat vegan tonight' it's a new, and creative way to look at food. Sam Kuma shows you that it's not about 'going vegan' rather than, introducing you to a new way to prep food and change your eating lifestyle." - Amazon Customer Book 4: Mediterranean Vegan Recipes The Mediterranean diet refers to foods that were consumed by the Greeks and Italians in the early 60s. This diet is well known to make people healthy and enhance their longevity. It has been embraced by people all over the world due to a variety of delicious and healthy recipes that can be eaten all day. There are 1000's of restaurants across America and across the globe that are successful due to the popularity of the cuisine.

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