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Fungavir - Nail Fungus Treatment

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Fungavir is a maximum strength double action nail fungus treatment. Fungavir's dual action formula attacks the core of the problem underneath the nail, killing the fungus while working to heal the affected area. Fungavir is fast and effective, utilizing only the safest and most powerful anti-fungal ingredients with no known side effects. Most nail fungus treatments fail to eliminate all of the fungus and heal the area, allowing fungus to grow back. In addition they dilute their products by adding fillers like water and glycerin, which makes the product less effective and costly over time. A Nail Fungus Treatment That Really Works: Dual Action: Heals the Surrounding Areas while Eliminating Fungus Effective Nail Fungus Killer & Restrictor Promotes New Nail and Skin Regeneration No Additives or Fillers (like water or glycerin) Proprietary Blend of 100% All Natural Anti-Fungal Ingredients Works on All Types of Nail Fungus 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Works well on both finger nails and toenails

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