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Groundbreaking Secrets to a Winning Resume

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Try to imagine your dream job. You are doing only what you have wanted to do since you were seven. You are working with fantastic, happy people. You share so many of the same likes, dislikes and passions. You raise your kids with them. They get along great with your friends and spouse. The boss is nice, not working you to the bitter end and understanding where you’re coming from. The building is beautiful. Every inch of every floor, ceiling, wall, desk and chair is clean enough to eat off of. You’d rather spend time in the office, cubicle, or whatever room you want to work in than in your living room. The bathrooms are better. The pay is phenomenal and the benefits are even better. Now come back to reality for a second. I am sure you have thought and dreamt about this job at least a few times in your life. Maybe you have seen it on TV or have watched as your friends got something similar. Maybe you even came close to something like it in the past. But have you ever really sat down and thought, really considered, what it might take to get that kind of job? Okay, yes, in all honesty, you will rather spend your life at a beach than work somewhere. But just consider for a minute a good job, a job that fits you, a job that makes you happy, or a job that at least leaves you satisfied working there. Have you ever thought about what it might take to get that kind of job? The first steps to landing that job involve crafting a great resume and cover letter, that make you stand out from the crowd.

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