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What are the Benefits of Ab Roller Workouts?
1, The ab roller works much more than just your abdominals. Your entire core, which includes your obliques, lower back, hips and the deeper layers of core musculature, all get hit very hard during rollout exercise. 
2, It improves posture. A large number of the population suffer from poor posture as a result of our modern lifestyles: too much sitting and not enough activity or exercise. Then ab roller can help to improve bad posture and enhance good posture even further. 
3. Reduce or prevent back pain. Rollouts are an anti-extension exercise and will strengthen those exact muscles that are likely to be weak and causing back pain. 
4. You can do them anywhere. I know this may be kind of obvious but it really is an excellent benefit. Ab rollers are very portable and light so you can get in a serious core workout no matter where you are. 

Package Includes 
1 x ab roller 
2 x resistant rope

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