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Acctrend Jump Rope Kit – Adjustable Steel Cable Skipping Rope With PU Coating, Wearable Tube & Lightweight Handles – Speed Jumprope For Fitness, Skip Training, CrossFit, Boxing Exer...

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Product Details
Working Out Is More Fun That You Think! Running may be an excellent cardio exercise, but it can be pretty boring or even difficult, especially during the winter when the weather is cold and bad. However, this doesn't mean that you should skip your cardio exercise! What you should skip instead is the Acctrend jump rope! Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Start Skipping Rope: Jumping rope is an exercise that many professional boxers and MMA fighters do during every single training session. Why? Because they know very well that skipping rope can help you: • Burn calories faster • Increase your stamina • Improve your breath • Strengthen your feet, ankles, legs and core • Improve your bone density • Decrease foot and ankle injuries • Increase your heart and lung health • Enhance your coordination and balance • Improve your cognitive skills Designed To Be Comfortable And Durable! Made with steel cord and PU coating, this CrossFit jump rope will never get damaged, even if you use it daily. In order to protect the steel cord and make less noise when you skip the rope on concrete, you can attach the wearable tube around it. And, of course, this is a professional, adjustable jump rope, so you can be sure that it will be absolutely safe and comfortable to use! There Are No Excuses! Get the Acctrend speed rope and you will never have to skip your workout routine again! Thanks to its lightweight and portable design, you can take the jump rope with you at the park, the gym, work, or even when you travel. With the Acctrend fitness jumprope, nothing can stop you from becoming healthier! So Scroll Up And Click The "Add to Cart" Button NOW!

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