ACKE LED Grow Lights 24W for Plants' Seedlings Hydroponics Green House Herbs Veg. Flower Campaign

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ACKE LED Grow Lights 24W for Plants' Seedlings Hydroponics Green House Herbs Veg. Flower

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REMARK: This 24W Plants grow light is very bright,design for promotion of plants' grow,not for decorations,please do not stare at the flood grow light long time in case your eyes feel dizzy.

APPLY TO Indoor garden,grow tent,grow room,greenhouse,aquarium for hydroponics,plant grow,seed breeding,flower blooming during cold winter and spring or less Mostly for orchids, roses, peppers, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, herbs, kale, spinach, wheatgerm, broccoli, wildflowers, cucumbers, and many other fruits and vegetables.

FEATURE: Better plant grow460nm,630nm and 660nm and the warn white 2700K are the wavelength that your plant love it.That spectrum for maximum chlorophyll A and B production.Our flood grow lights are selected special wavelength of LED which is full absorption for the plants and veg. and save energy most instead of CFL emit a lot of light no requirement of the plants.

SPECTRUM impact on plant grown: 420~500nm maximum absorption scale for chlorophyll and carotenoid which are great impact on plant photosynthesis 620~750nm Maximum absorptivity for chlorophyll impact on photosynthesis and photo period effect.Best for blooming and fruit. LOWE HEAT EMIT: selected high quality of led with excellent heat dissipation heat sink,Even close the grow light to your plant,it will no burn the leaves or flowers. STRONG CONSTRUCTION:Die cast aluminum heat sink no only better heat dissipation but strong.


*LED Emitting Color: 2700K, 660nm, 630nm, 460nm

*LED Chip Quantity: 60pcs
*Plug: US standard 2-pin - plug and use in seconds
*Input Voltage: AC110V *Frequency: 60 Hz
*Rated Power: 20W *Rated Lifetime: 50,000 Hours
 *Gross Weight: 0.4kg/1pc

WAHT A BOX INCLUDE: 1*LED grow light 1*screwdriver 1*User manual

WARRANTY: one year

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