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Aickar Portable Garment Steamer

Campaign ID: C112267
Categories: Appliances , Home
Shipping Method: Amazon (FBA or FBM)
Retail Price: $19.96 $9.98
Hashtag: #garmentsteamer

Product Details
Hello! My name is Steamer! I am a secret member from a secret breed - and you know where to find me! I can't unlock locks, I don't collect corns but i spray hot steam. I have the magic to have you looking fabulous in no time even when you're far away from home!

- I am super compact - Take me on your trips. I will just take a tiny little space of your suitcase and I will behave, i will be friendly and definitely would not try to escape.

- I am super easy to control - Whenever you need me, just feed me some water, switch the on/off button on located on my back and i will blow a great deal of steam in 2 minutes. Hang up any wrinkled clothes or fabric, rotate my nozzle on the wrinkles or folds and watch the magic happening! Yes, all wrinkles and folds will be gone in seconds! Your clothes will look just like new!

- I have a super long tail - I have a 9-foot power cord, that's my tail. Once it's plugged to a wall outlet, I can steam freely in a space of 250 square feets.

- I am as paunchy as K-fu P-da - I can drink up to 180ml of water, in return, my steam could last as long as 12 minutes. Feed me once and i can flatten up to 4 pieces of clothes!

- I am safe and stable - I am ETL approved! Which means i am approved by the Thomas Edison's Electrical Testing Laboratories. This is a proof of product compliance to North American safety standards. I sometimes i shut myself down when i feel too hot for I was programmed with an overheat protection.

My Characteristic:
-I am easy to use, powerful, portable, stable, safe... BUT-
-I don't like to be tilled backward or i may throw up hot water.-I am not friendly to children or pets, please keep them away from me.
-I don't like Fabrics or textiles that cannot take my heat or moisture(they are normally labeled dry clean only)

My Other Specification:
-Voltage: 110-120V, 50/60HZ
-Power: 800W
-Capacity: 180ml
-Working Time: 12Min


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