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Air Vacuum Blow Gun. Pneumatic Air Suction Blow Gun Kit Includes 6 Specialty Attachments For All Cleaning Jobs. Wet or Dry. Air compressor Accessories by Lematec.

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Say goodbye to that bulky shop vacuum and weak shop air blow gun!!! This isn't your every day workshop blow gun / vacuum. Not only are these perfect blowing tools for dusting off your other tools and work areas, it can also be quickly converted to a vacuum. Includes 2 extension pipes, 3 different nozzles and a dust bag for both blowing and vacuuming at both home or work. Do not let this incredibly low price fool you as we import these straight from the factory to ensure we can offer these to you at the best possible price! Why Choose Lematec Air Vacuum and Blow Gun Kit? - Replaces your shop vacuum and shop air blow gun in one convenient easy to use too. Takes up little space but outperforms all other air tools. - Includes (6) rugged attachments that can be used for a multitude of jobs and inconvenient spaces. Makes cleaning chores a snap. - With over 5 pounds of suction and blow there is nothing this air tool can't handle! - Lematec Air Vacuum / Gun is made with high strength parts attached to a solid aluminum frame. We build tools to last for a life - time. - Only Ubiquitous Company is your trusted source for all Lematec air tool supplies. We pass the savings on to you directly from the factory and offer an unbeatable warranty. Simply click the "add to cart" button to secure this limited time special price brought to you by Ubiquitous Company / Lematec Tools.

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