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Aivituvin Pet Grooming Glove - Bath Brush for Dog & Cat,Horse with Short & Long Hair-Deshedding Gloves-Rubber Massage Tips Hair Remover Mitt with Five Finger Design-Double Side Use

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Categories: Cats
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Pattern Name:pet glove + pet brush Would you like to save cost expense and time to play with your pup instead of making appointments and paying for groomer ?The AIVITUVIN’S professional pet textured glove allow you to cleaner the hair out at home easily, comfortable and professionally !Making Fun ! Enjoy Using! Relaxing for your pup to spend quality time with you as you brush them with these furniture remover tip gloves. Each pet needs their own hair brush . Your dogs will looking forward to take shower everyday.Double-sided Glove can be used for both left and right hand!It is not necessary to have 2 separate grooming dog/cat glove. shedding glove is flexible and easy to use both hands and collections home fur.Save Soap when Using nails Brush !You can only used 1/2 the amount of soap you usually do to cover whole dog. Not only this dog/cat brush helps get a deeper clean but also your animal will love the way it massages them.Massage your pets for 20-30min everyday will keep them to be more healthier, promote blood circulation, will make their hair to be more beautiful and smooth. Easy to Use and Easy To Clean!Fur and hair can also be removed by rinsing with water. Click ‘Add to Cart’ above to get this wonderful glove and brush to keep your pet happy, healthy, and beautiful smooth fair

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