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AKC Kinetics Inflated Stability Wobble Disc With Handle - Exercise Core Balance Trainer - KIDS Wiggle Seat - Sensory Cushion - Office, Home, Classroom - Pump & Instructions

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Product Details
Do your kids have difficulty focusing or sitting still? Does your job require you to sit nearly all day? Would you like to improve your sense of balance and coordination, flexibility, core stability, or muscle tone or body posture or just burn more calories as you exercise? You need the AKC Kinetics Stability Disc - Wobble Cushion! ULTIMATE SITTING TOOL: Promotes active sitting. With an unstable surface to stand or sit on, you use more muscles to stay balanced. Great for adults, especially for those who sit all day, to relieve neck, back, and shoulder pressure, and improve posture through ergonomic seating. Great for the elderly to improve sense of stability and coordination. Perfect for office, home, gym, and classroom! IDEAL FOR ADD/ADHD KIDS: The AKC Kinetics Wobble Cushion is ideal for kids to receive sensory input and help calm children that have difficulty staying focused or sitting still! PERFECT FITNESS EQUIPMENT: Perfect for balance trainers and fitness enthusiasts to complement any resistance or aerobic fitness program. From fitness beginners to more advanced trainers, use the AKC Kinetics Stability Disc for balance, coordination, flexibility, core stability, strength, endurance, muscle tone and better posture! DUAL-SURFACE: Our stability discs have textured, non-slip surface. WIth raised massaging bumps on one side and smoother bumps on the other, you can either maximize your massage or get a firm grip on the other. Or you can stand on one side and sit on the other. Great for standing, sitting, kneeling, and doing push-ups. The possibilities for an active lifestyle with the AKC Kinetics balance disc are endless! Add to cart now!

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