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AlmaBaby Portable Changing Pad Diaper Clutch – Lightweight Padded Travel Mat – Compact Size Doubles as Car, Diaper Bag, and Stroller Organizer – Great for New Parents and Baby Sho...

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Say goodbye to stressful diaper changes! No matter what they might say, no parent really likes changing diapers! They're messy, smelly, and generally no fun! But, for the first few years of your kiddo's life, diaper changes are an unpleasant necessity. With this in mind, we created a product that makes on-the-go diaper changes a lot easier, while saving you the hassle of lugging around huge diaper bags! Introducing... ...the NETA-LI Portable Changing Pad Clutch! Made from premium materials, our mat is the perfect solution to uncomfortable changing stations and less-than-appealing bathrooms. The breathable, double-layer material is safe and comfortable for baby, but also extremely easy to clean! Wipe it down with a baby wipe for a quick clean, or throw it in the washing machine for a more thorough and disinfecting wash. Toys, diapers, and everything in between! To make travel easier, our baby changing pad comes in a sleek, versatile carry pouch. Not only is there room for the diaper pad, you can also throw in diapers, wipes, clothes, and toys! And parents will love all the room it has for storing keys, wallets, and cell phones. With it's convenient carrying strap and economical size, the pouch is a smaller, easier alternative to carrying around a full- size diaper bag. Its compact size also makes it a great solution for organizing your big diaper bag, car, and stroller. Our family's promise to yours. We know how important quality baby products are to you and your family, so we put in time and care to create a safe travel changing mat that will serve you for years to come. We know that you are going to love its style, ease, and convenience.

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