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Aluminium pegs stakes 10.5”, Heavy Duty set with Camping & Hiking Hammer, Reflective Guyline, Tensioners, S- shape Carabiners. Secure your Tent or Tarp rings Kit.

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  • Specifications: Aluminum Alloy Pegs X8: Length: 10.5 Inches / 26.5 CM Net weight: 0.15 lbs/ 71 gram ♦ High strength, with extra resistance to bending: Due to their 'V' shaped design, the pegs are much stronger. ♦ Ultra-Light, weighing just 0.156 lbs (71g) make them so light they will barely make a difference in your backpack. ♦ Durable and resilient: The surface of the pegs has been processed with anodic oxidation, so the color won't fade over time. ♦ Attached to the peg is a reflective pull cord for making them more visible in the dark and to easily pull them out.   Hiking/camping Hammer: Length: 12 Inches / 30 CM ♦ Made to last, high-quality Stainless Steel. ♦ Use to dig holes and pound on the stakes in hard soil. ♦ Unique design with a hook at the bottom for easy and secure removal of stakes from the ground.   Reflective Guy LinesX4 ♦ Length of each Line: 13 feet (4m) ♦ Neon color and reflective, easy to see in low light/darkness. ♦ Inner Core Material (Guy Line): Nylon ♦ Load-Bearing strength of each Line: 440 lbs (200kg) ♦ Weight of each Line: 0.08 lbs (14g) The reflective patches and neon color make this line highly visible in the dark- no tripping over the line! High load bearing capacity (440 lbs) and length ensure stability and sturdiness in any weather.     Aluminium Guyline Adjuster: ♦ Use these guylines to adjust the tension of the tent cords. ♦ The 2 hole design ensures a firm grip on the line for ease of use. Easily adjust the line to any length you like with these convenient adjusters.   S- shape carabiners: The best and fastest solution to secure your tent or trap rings to the stakes in the ground.   Package Include: 8 x Aluminum Alloy Pegs 1 x Hiking/camping Hammer 4 x 4M Reflective Guy Lines 4 x Aluminium Guyline Adjuster 4 x S- shape carabiners 1 x Storage Bag for Stakes and rope

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