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AMOSTING Early Learning Educational Button Art Toys for Toddler, Color & Geometry Shape Matching Mosaic Puzzle Peg Board Games for preschool kids

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- COLOR & SHAPE LEARNING TOYS: Give your baby one of the photos and let him study it, he should be able to match squares to squares, triangles to triangles, and learn about colors and those cute patterns by the arts and crafts kits.
- GAIN LIFE SKILLS: When your baby is sorting and matching this educational toy, he is working his brain and soaking in new knowledge. Improve his hand dexterity, color recognition, and fine motor skills while playing the little hands button art.
- CHILD-FRIENDLY TODDLER TOYS: The non-toxic material ensuring it’s safe, each button in this creative toy set is large size and harmless for boys and girls age 18m, 2 and 3 year olds and up.
- EASY CLEAN UP: Comes with a tray in this preschool toy kit, easy to store all the buttons and cards when end up the toddler games, start a mess & stress free time now!
- WHAT’S IN IT? : Includes 26 colorful & various shapes buttons, 12 different pictures, a pegboard and a storage tray. Moderate size and light weight, perfect travel toys for your little ones.

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