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AMOSTING Marble Runs Toy Set, Race Track Railway Maze Toys Construction Child Building Blocks Toys with Glass Marbles,105 Pieces Ball Race Game

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- 【Endless hours of engineering fun】Marble Run gets the fun rolling!Build tracks that twist and turn with colorful pieces that simply slide together. Then send marbles speeding through chutes,merry-go-rounds,windmills,S-curves,a U-turn slide and centrifugal funnel.
- 【Colorful slot-together plastic pieces】All the colorful pieces that use to assemble the marble runs toy can teach your kids to recognition color/shape.Comes with a variety of chutes and wheels that can be used to create fun races.
- 【Educational Marble Run For Children】Marble Run Toys is a series of slides,loops, tunnels,twists,and turns; that can be re-assembled based on a child’s creative instincts or their preference.Ages 4+. Educational Focus: Basic understanding of physics,3-dimensional thinking, problem solving, and creativity. Contents: 105 pieces and 30 marbles.
- 【Develops problem-solving skills】As the connecting parts must be assembled correctly for the marble runs to work so that the marbles can travel passes all the pieces and ultimately landed at the bottom.Through repeated assembly of the marble run,a child can gain basic knowledge and improve on subjects such as logic, physics,and engineering as well as further development in the fields of problem-solving,motor skills,hand-eye coordination,and spatial awareness skills.
- 【Challenge And Amuse】Blocks&Marbles Set go up,down,all around,and fast!Create crazy courses,dangerous designs, and treacherous trails for the daring marble with the best Marble Run Toys.Designs can range from the simple and small to the complex and twisty-turny,and kids will love seeing where their marbles will fly next!Construction with Marble Run Toys will lead to amazing creations,as well as fast and frantic fun!

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