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Asani Wood Grain Oil Diffuser Humidifier for Essential Oils | Wooden Finish Look, Safe Ultrasonic Misting | Whisper Quiet Aromatherapy Atomizer for Home & Office

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SPRUCE UP ANY SPACE WITH THE MOST ENCHANTING OIL DIFFUSER Experience Premium Quality An essential oil diffuser should do more than just spread your favorite fragrance. It should spruce up your room. Beautifully catch any eye. Infuse any space with a touch of spa-like tranquility. That's exactly what the Asani oil diffuser does! Designed using a striking wood-like finish and gentle curves, it will transform any countertop or table from meh to amazing. We've also fitted it with a warm yellow LED light located at the base, which produces soothing lighting to create the perfect mood. Works for Hours No more dealing with hassle of constantly refilling oil diffusers! Featuring an ample capacity of 600ml, this oil mist diffuser can work for 12-24 hours. That's an entire day of being immersed in your favorite scent. And thanks to the ultrasonic technology, you'll enjoy all the therapeutic properties of your essential oils. This diffuser never burns your oils like other products do. It safely breaks up the water and oils into particles smaller than 5 microns to spread the fragrance more efficiently than anything else. Here are more amazing features you'll love: - Automatically turns off when the water runs low. - Customizable mist settings give you the freedom to match your mood. - Works as a humidifier to improve air quality. - LED lights can be used as a beautiful night light. - Whisper quiet operation creates a peaceful environment. - CE, RoHs, UL, and ETL certified for conforming to international standards. Count on Asani's wooden fragrance diffuser to safely handle your oils and give your space a beautifully head-turning touch.

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