Baby Hooded Towel, Muslin Cotton Baby Bath Towels Campaign

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Baby Hooded Towel, Muslin Cotton Baby Bath Towels

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Categories: Baby
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Definition of Muslin cotton. Muslin cotton is the world's ancient and precious natural cotton cloth, through a unique weaving techniques, to make the air can flow freely fabric. It has a very unique and very light texture, both warm and breathable, suitable for any season to use. Muslin cotton has the ultimate softness, super breathability and ductility is irreplaceable to other fabrics. Can be breathe Muslin cotton: Its soft, breathable, light, soft, warm features, is unmatched by other fabrics. As early as thousands of years ago, mother used muslin gauze to care for their baby. Help baby to adjust the body temperature, to ensure that your baby warm and comfortable. Washing instructions: 1. Baby clothing needs to be washed separately to avoid cross-infection. 2. baby skin delicate, it is recommended to use non-stimulating detergent. 3. Natural gauze, small fiber, please hand wash, dry naturally.

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