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Bamboo 4 Piece Cutting Board Set | 1 EXTRA LARGE & Thick Board Comes With with Juice Groove, And 3 Piece Cutting Board Set

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Culinary cutting boards that are a cut above. It's your kitchen. It's your private corner. It's that special enclave in which you reign as chef supreme, and where you maintain the highest standards across the board. You never settle for less, and these premium cutting boards fit right into your "the best or nothing at all" philosophy. With this attractive, durable and environmentally conscious cutting board set from Bambüsi, you'll never be stuck without an extra cutting board again.---------- 4 different sizes: ----------- Dia 18 inch W x 12 inch H 3/4 in Thick - Dia 6 inch W: x 8 inch H - Dia 8.5 inch W: x 11 inch H - Dia 9.5 inch W: x 13 inch H------------- Features ------------- ✔ Set of 3 Includes 18'' x 12'' Board 6" x 8" Board, an 8.5" x 11" Board and a 9.5" x 13" Board ✔ Boards Feature 3/4" Thickness for Durability, Maneuverability & Easy Storage ✔ Carved of Premium Moso Bamboo for Many Years of Happy, Continued Use ✔ 100% Natural Bamboo is Strikingly Beautiful and Structurally Superior to Plastic ✔ Low-Maintenance Boards Need Only Warm Water and Air Drying to Clean------- Beautiful by Bambüsi -------Bambüsi by Belmint presents a choice collection of lifestyle products that are crafted with 100% naturally beautiful bamboo. This board set is no exception, bringing you a trendy, modern look that's durable, decorative and practical. From over 1,200 species, Bambüsi's cutting boards are made with premium Moso bamboo that's harvested at the prime age of 5 years.------- Asks for Nothing in Return -------Another benefit of the natural, eco-friendly bamboo used in all of Bambüsi's products? It's super easy to clean and requires virtually no maintenance: Wash your boards with warm water and the occasiona l bamboo oil for lasting beautyRisk free | Backed by a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

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