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Bamboo Straws. Reusable Bamboos Straws Alternative to Plastic Kids Straws. Includes 10 Organic Natural Bamboo Drinking Straws and 1 Cloth Bag for Easy Storage. 3 Sizes (20 cm)

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Dual Function Straws that double as cocktail stirrers are quite hard to come by these days. While it's no secret that the plastic straw can also be used as a tool for mixing drinks, it doesn't really get the job done. Since the Bamboo Drinking Straws are made of bamboo, a sturdy material, it functions as an excellent cocktail stirrer. Of course when you're done, you can always use it to take a sip of your tasty drink. A Set of Ten There are ten Bamboo Drinking Straws in each reusable and organic holding bag. Spread the good vibes and share the Bamboo Drinking Straws with your friends and family. You can give it as gifts, tokens, or giveaways for special occasions such as birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, and other special holidays. The Bamboo Drinking Straw also comes in handy when travelling around the world. Straw for a Cause Each purchase of these handcrafted Bamboo Drinking Straws supports local tribes in Bali. Every single penny helps these tribes produce more sustainable Earth-friendly products, allows them to feed their families and send their kids to school. When you buy Bamboo Drinking Straws, you are not just letting your bamboo collection grow, you are also making a huge contribution to the tribes in Bali. One straw can make a difference in helping them live better lives. Take a Sip from our Bamboo Drinking Straws and Order a Set Today!

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