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BambooWorx 3 Piece Tong Set + Hanger, Includes Toast Tong, Serving/Frying Tong, and Salad Tong.

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Product Details
It all starts with natural bamboo - innovated and designed to perfection so every BambooWorx product is created with you in mind. Style & Purpose: These icon themed tongs are designed with you in mind, each tong created for its own purpose; whether it's mixing a salad, serving your family & guests, frying or just to handle a hot toasted bread. Innovative: These tongs are designed to pair with our unique bamboo & stainless-steel hanging board, so you can attach the magnetic tongs onto the hanging board and store them conveniently. Worried?No harmful varnish or lacquer were used in the finish process these tongs, they are coated with 100% natural vegetable oil only. Planet: Lessen the stress on the world's forests when buying the BambooWorx brand. An entire bamboo forest can be regenerated in 3-5 years! They are also 100% biodegradable. Clean: Hand wash with mild soap and warm water, air dry thoroughly, do not wash in dishwasher. Care: Keep away from high (dry) heat such as sunlight or direct fire, extreme dry temperature may affect appearance of wood. Maintain: Rub tongs occasionally with a protective, food-safe oil, such as mineral or cutting board oil, to maintain appearance. Mounting instructions for the bamboo hanger Affix the board on your kitchen backsplash for more a modern themed kitchen (longer screw & anchor) or on the inside panel of your kitchen cabinet door (shorter screws) for more a sleek appearance. Note: Before affixing onto the cabinet door please inspect if screw length is the ideal size, too long screws will stick out through the door panel.

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