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Beard Bib Cape for Shaving - Beard Catcher & Hair Clippings Apron with Suction Cups for Mirror - Professional Salon Grade Black Hair Trimmings Cleaner for Men - Makes Grooming Disposal Easy

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Perfect travel bag for your trip or hotel stays. Features: Suction cups are easy to be dismantled by pulling the white edges. Suckers are highly tested with an improved adhesion to the mirror Waterproof polyester pongee guarantees easy disposal of water on the bib. One size fits all. Color:White HOW TO USE THE BEARD SHAVING APRON Attach the straps behind your neck. Hold the beard shaving bib lower edges, attach the suction cups to the mirror and lock the hooks.(It will never easily fall off from the mirror unless you remove it from picking up from the remover tab) Begin grooming your beard, letting the hair clippings fall into the cape and dispose the hair.Are you always running out of time each morning? Buy it! Are you tired of messy bathroom and clogged sinks? Buy it! Are you tired of your partner getting mad of messy bathroom? Buy it! Package List: 1 Beard catcher cloth 1 Travel pouch 2 Sucker hook

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