KURNPHY NOAH 100% PREMIUM Cotton White Down Fluffy Pillows Set- King Campaign

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Bed Pillows for Sleeping, KURNPHY NOAH 100% PREMIUM Cotton White Down Fluffy Pillows Set - Super Soft Pillow Relief Neck Pain Anti-mite & Hypoallergenic Side Sleepers Easy Care-King

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Product Details
Size:King Easy to Care & Lifetime WarrantyPillow can be throw into the washing machine or it can also be washing by hands.Or it can take off the cover to wash it and conveniently tumble-dried without affecting quality. As a guarantee, you have Kurnphy Noah’s lifetime warranty out of the box so you can shop with confidence and enjoy a long-lasting. It is a high-quality head pillow.Made of Best Cotton MaterialsSleep on our pillow and you’ll never go back to an ordinary one! The pillow itself is made of 100% cotton and microfiber to prevent night perspiration so you wake up dry, fresh, and well rested.Soft & Comfort &Lasting Not DeformedWhen it comes to density, our pillow really does the trick. Its perfect balance between softness and firmness attributes to the specially treated rayon inside. The pillow is neither hard like a brick nor too soft that your head keeps sinking in with no support so that you can wake up every morning fully rested without neck pain.Hypoallergenic & Dust Mite Resistant Kurnphy Noah employs cotton shell with microfiber fillings in order to avoid any customers suffering from allergic and other respiratory issues.  Protects against dust mite, mold and mildew resistant, use the 100% cotton and also completely free from chemical material and allergen. Absolutely a best choice for everybody.Stylish & Simple DesignIt is made of pure white cotton into pillow. Internal use of the pillow can be maintained for a long time no need to be replaced, long sleep not easy to deform.

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