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Best All Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelet. Microfiber Travel Insect with DEET FREE Citronella Oil For Camping Hiking Outdoor Activities. 5 Pack Adjustable Strap For Kids & Adults by LauKati

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-Laukati is proud to offer you our premium quality mosquito repellent bracelets. Constructed of soft micro-fiber and containing all natural citronella, our repellent bracelets are 100% free of DEET or harsh chemicals that can absorb into the skin making them the safe choice in bug repellant for you and your entire family. Easy and comfortable to wear for adults and children our bands help to prevent itchy, scratchy, and potentially dangerous bug bites from a variety of insects including mosquitos and ticks. -Laukati repellent bracelets are perfect for active children, hikers, campers, and a variety of outdoor activities. Perfect for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and sports the easy to snap 4 button clasp securely fits around the wrist or ankle. Band can also be strapped to belt loops, backpacks, or baby carriers to provide an invisible dome of insect protection anywhere and everywhere you go. Unlike sticky and oily bug sprays, lotions, and wipes that can coat your skin and clothing in a goo or chemicals, our bracelets leave no trace, keeping clothing, swim gear, jackets, and skin free of oils, stains, and smudges. -After opening package, store mosquito repellent brackets in a sealed plastic zip lock bag to prolong shelf life. Laukati bracelets can be used again and again with the same insect repelling effect. -Take back the outdoors today and experience relief from mosquito and bug bites anywhere you go with our premium one size fits all mosquito repellent bracelets. -Active Ingredients 30% citronella oil 70% ultra-microfiber -Net weight 3g

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