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Best Paracord Bracelet for Outdoor Camping Survival Stylish Bracelet 6 in 1 with Paracord, Fire Starter, Loud Whistle, Compass & Emergency Knife- Hiking Camping Fishing Hunting Gear

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THE BEST CHOICE FOR EVERY OUTDOOR ADVENTURESOME HOBBY & MORE : Are you thinking to join hunting/fishing! Worried about your safety? 4ALLY BRACELET always ready on your wrist, an army/military man who knows what it takes to survive, or simply a hiker or survival enthusiast. We know you'll love what our personal survival bracelet has to offer. Our top-quality survival bracelets are guaranteed you to take good care of you when you're out there doing what you love, as they're manufactured according to the highest quality standards. PARACORD BRACELET FOR SURVIVAL AND ADVENTURESOME HOBBY Crafted from 10 feet of woven paracord, the same nylon cord that's been used in parachutes since World War II, a survival bracelet is an essential item for any adventurer (or wannabe). It's proven useful in all kinds of situations in the wild, from marking a trail to fishing for dinner. TEN DIFFERENT USAGE OF A PARACORD BRACELET Making a shelter (ideally a lean-to style) Making Fishing line (inner strands) Making Tinder easier to ignite Making a tourniquet to reduce blood lost Helps to Mark your path to avoid getting lost (orange paracord) Best Sewing material (inner strand) Using as a Dental floss (inner strand) Helps to Mark your Secure a splint Helps to Mark your Replace broken shoe laces Helps to Mark your Washing line to dry your gear by the fire. How 4ALLY Paracord Bracelet Helps You to Survive : 4ALLY BRACELET are made of top quality, parachute cord that can easily lift a person or item. One of the essentials needed to survive a night in the wild is a fire and with the included magnesium flint rod and sharp, stainless steel, fire striker, that doubles as an emergency knife, you will be able to start one without much effort to boil some water, cook some food, and stay warm.

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