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Big Ant Car Trash Bag Car Trash Bag for Little Leak Proof – Car Garbage Bag with Tissue Holder and Storage Pockets

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Product Details
Are you tired of constantly cleaning your car?Don’t worry!Big Ant car trash bag solving your problem.Our trash bag for car can keep your vehicle cleaner and looking nicer with a discrete car trash can that holds trash, liquids and recyclables.Big Ant car trash bag is a fully leak proof vehicle trash bag with extra storage for tissues containers to keep cars and their passengers clean and tidy.So this trash bins are handy and convenient when you need to throw rubbish on a trip.★ With release buckle and adjustable strap, the garbage bag is easy to set on the seat.★ With side mesh pockets to keep you driving essentials always at your arm’s reach.★ leak proof trash can fit anywhere in your car, back seat, front seat, flat on the floor or where ever else you need it. ★ Thick waterproof liner is durable and leakproof, you can wash it casually. Other inferior liner will make your car interior stained and dirty.If you do not want to use it as a garbage bag,you can use it as a cooler bag or a back seat organizer.You can fill it with ice and cool some drinks or as a car seat storage bag for toys, drinks or important documentsin it.Our car trash bag can also be placed behind the center console, or hang it from the passage headrest facing the backseat.There are endless ways to use this car trash bag.

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