Big Ant Windshield Sun Shade, 2 Piece Universal Car Sun Shade (Each Panel 29" x 31") Campaign

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Big Ant Windshield Sun Shade, 2 Piece Universal Car Sun Shade for Windshield Keep Vehicle Cool Foldable Sunshade for Maximum UV and Sun protection - Windshield Sunshade (Each Panel 29" x 31")

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Cool! Big Ant Windshield Sun Shade keeps your vehicle interior from UV Damage! Two shades design are better than one. Why? It's easy: A better and more adjustable fit And much better sun and UV block-out due to the overlap of the shades. The high quality car sunshade are easily to install, and are built for standard US vehicles to give your car cool and protect it as new. No worry on the heated interior. No worry when open the car door, heated air fill around your face. Best Size for Windshield Sunshade 2 rectangular shades, each measuring 29 x 31 inches (75 x 79 cm). Black Side Protection for Car Sun Shade Makes your car exterior and interior more cool! Keep Cool and Look Cool! Protection for Dashboard Interior New Keep your dashboard from hot sun hit with 210T high quality material, block from 99% of UV, sun shade for car window makes your car interior ultimate look. Easy to install, Portable Conveniently Fold in package, when use, open it to shade your windshield! When driving, our sunshades can be fold down, not to take up space. Store your Sunshade for car windshield in your door pocket, behind your sun visor or behind your car seat protector. 1 YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! We Work for Providing Best Shopping Experience for Every Customers! Go ahead and click the "Add To Cart" button at the top right of this page and get your car sun shade for windshield in a few days!

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