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Black Box Grooming Kit

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This is the kit for you if you're just getting into the beard game and a must have for grooming and maintaining your beard. 
Babel Alchemy's "Black Box" Grooming Kit comes with a bottle of premium Beard Oil (with a choice from one of our 6 oils), Beard Balm and a Beard Wash. We've also included a beard comb hand crafted from Pear-Wood, with an ultra smooth finish to help evenly distribute natural oils throughout hair strands.

  • 1 x Beard Oil (60ml / 2 oz)
    1 x Sweet Tea Tree Beard Balm (60ml / 2oz)
    1 x Mint Pistol Beard Wash (120ml / 4oz)
    1 x Pear-Wood Beard Comb 

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