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Blackhead and Acne Removal Tool,Best Pimple Extractor Kit to Remover Comedone and Blemish without Risk for Sensitive Skin by Fairyland(100 Cotton Pads + Magnifier)

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Do you often worry about the blackheads or acne on your face? Why are these tool to remove blackheads so important and can not to squeeze acne directly by hand? Here to quotes for a senior buyer's review:Our fingers touch a lot of things every day,even before squeeze acne we have washed our hands,but the bacteria remaining in the nail is no way to completely remove.When we squeeze acne,the bacteria will enter our skin through our fingers or nails,causing skin redness ,ulceration and leaving scars difficult to eliminate.What doctors and dermatologist recommend actually has merit this time around,nails will destroy our skin,we need professional and safe blackhead extractor tool to help us. How to use these dermatology tools correctly? 1.Wash your face with warm water,or a hot towel attaining for about 2-3 minutes.The main purpose is to soften the acne tissue,open the pores,help to clean up the accumulated toxins. 2.Disinfect the remover tools and the target skin area with alcohol,to ensure the safety of the operation without bacteria infection. 3.Now,you can removing blackhead/Whitehead/acne/pimple/with comedone extractor tools,remember to be gentle. 4.Clean your skin again,and then apply mild moisturizing cream. What can i do to clean those blackhead extractor? Because these blackhead removal always exposed in the air,in order to better help us remove the hateful acne and acne,before use need to use hot water and medical alcohol to sterilization.After use,but also need to use alcohol disinfection in a timely,dry and storage. Package includes: 1 x Metal Case 1 × 5 Pieces Blackhead Remover Tool 100 × Cotton Pad CAUTION:Before use,please use alcohol disinfection.And to the blackhead needle a bit sharp,when used to pay attention to safety

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