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Bluetooth Shower Speaker - Wireless It Pairs Easily To All Your Bluetooth Devices - Phones, Tablets, Computer, Radio - PREMIUM Portable Certified Waterproof FM Radio - Music Maestro

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10 reasons EvoAudio is the Best Bluetooth Speaker Ever! *First Choice For Entertainment* 1. Most Powerful Battery on the Market Latest Tech, Expect Highest Performance The 1000mAh lithium Polymer Lasts 3X longer. 2. Unrivalled Sound This 5W IS LOUD No more 3W! 3. Small, Lightweight, Portable 4. FULLY WATERPROOF Other Speakers are only splash proof, EVO fully certified waterproof, Shockproof even Dustproof 5. Pairs Easily! EVO Manufacture Our Own Bluetooth Technology for seamless connection! 6. A Perfect Gift! Who doesn't like Music? Or Singing in the shower Wake Up Singing & turbocharge your mornings 7. Hands-Free Speaker phone RELAXING BATHS! Take calls In Shower Car or Bath 8. 50 FEET or 15 Metres Longest Distance From Paired Device ANYWHERE! 9. Premium Components Best Quality Stylish IP67 Uses Highest Quality Components To Impress Your Friends 10. Best Lifetime Guarantee! Relax with peace of mind, No hassle guarantee backed by leading industry warranty Experience It For Yourself! ***TRY Singing In The Shower*** Claim Your NEW Speaker Right NOW! Go to the top right corner of this page, Click the buy now button for Quick Delivery - the Free Shipping saves you 6$

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