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Blümwares Vienne Automatic Milk Frother and Heater | Stainless Electric Carafe | Frother, Warmer, and Cappuccino Maker

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The best milk frother outside your local coffee shop! Discover your inner barista and make the perfect latte at home with the Stainless Steel Electric Milk Frother, Warmer and Heater from Belmint. This durable, resilient stainless steel pitcher enables you to froth, warm, and heat a variety of liquids from whole milk and half-and-half to soy, rice and skim varieties. The handheld heater carafe/pitcher is removable from the sturdy electric base. Whip up a cold froth for a cappuccino or warm some milk for your latte, and then pour and serve in an instant. While operating the milk heater, the cover's convenient built-in clip lets you store the spinning spring whisk. Ditch your manual hand whisker: With the simple click of a button, this perfect all-in-one frother will have everyone enjoying delicious, fluffy foam at the ideal temperature every time! What's in the Box? Hot and cold electric milk frother Handheld pitcher with clear lid Detachable electric base with cord Our appreciation for your purchase A promise of reenergized mornings! Specs & Details Frothing capacity: 125 ml Warming capacity: 240ml Operating Voltage: 120v Weighs in at 2.5 lbs. How to Enjoy Pour a spot of milk into the removable pitcher Use whisk attachment for frothing; remove for heating Press HOT or COLD button to start frother Lift stainless steel pitcher from base and pour Enjoy coffeehouse foam without the hassle or price!

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